100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

Jon Weisman is a man who knows how to manage his time. For his day job, he is a features editor for Variety. When he’s pretending to edit features, he blogs about the Dodgers for the Los Angeles Times. On top of that he has three kids, one of whom just had his first birthday which, as you parents out there know, is when they start to require much more in the way of physical labor what with the walking and you having to beat them twice a day and everything. In short, Weisman is a busy freaking dude.

But somehow, possibly with the assistance of a time machine or that power those dudes from “Dark City” had, he has managed to write a book too:

Dodgers fans have experienced many good times, including multiple postseason appearances and five championships. But being a Dodgers fan is about more than following a winning team. 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die will help fans of the Dodgers get the most out of being a fan. It takes 125 years of Dodgers history from both Brooklyn and Los Angeles and distills it to the absolute best and most compelling, identifying in an informative, lively, and illuminating way the personalities, events, and facts every Dodgers fan should know without hesitation.

The book comes out in April, but you can preorder now. Show a blogger/father/working stiff some love and reserve a copy today.

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  1. Chris H. said...

    An editor for Variety?

    Hopefully the book isn’t full of that utterly-annoying lingo that Variety so loves.

    If he uses the term “skein” even one time, I’ll demand my money back.

  2. Kelly said...

    As a life-long Dodger fan, who has recently emigrated to the Midwest, I’d very much like to see how many of those 100 that I know or I’ve done. And for $10-15, I’ll probably buy it.

  3. Donny Baarns said...

    Sounds like as a great book, but I wouldn’t be a Dodger fan if I didn’t point out that the Blue have won SIX championships (one in Brooklyn, five in L.A.), not five. Sorry.

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