Bring the Dunner to Washington

A lot of chatter about Adam Dunn today, as the D-Backs’ decision not to offer him arbitration has made him a more attractive target. Ken Rosenthal says that the market for Dunn is “shaping up” and includes the Braves, Mariners and Nationals. Over at ESPN Jerry Crasnick, in the course of his offseason breakdown of […]

“Put on a show!”

Here’s a transcript of an interview with Josh Hamilton on the Rangers’ website. Almost all fluff and a heaping helping of Hamilton’s religious stuff if you’re into that kind of thing, but this caught my eye: Hey Josh, How did it feel to hit 28 home runs in the home run derby? Question submitted by: […]

Accident of birth

Parents are getting suckered into, er, I mean are exhibiting prudent foresight in gene-testing their toddlers to determine the sport for which they are best suited: In the overheated world of youth sports, it’s come to this: a gene test that claims to predict whether a child is more likely to become an endurance athlete […]


The NYT’s Ben Shpigel took a tour of Citi Field, and comes away pretty impressed. This passage is telling, though: Before and during construction, Wilpon visited several of the newer ballparks around the majors because he wanted to see which elements to incorporate. He said PNC Park was his favorite and considered Citi Field a […]

Today at THT

A Tuck! A Borawski! A Carty! A Brattain! Panama! John Brattain makes Tim Raines’ case for Cooperstown by way of comparison to Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice, and Lou Brock. There will be much more on Rock later in the week, so think of this as an amuse-bouche. Deep thought: if Raines had played 12 seasons […]

It’s hard to be a Yankees fan

Yankees fans get a bad rap. Yeah, there are some crazy ones that get a lot of attention, and the New York media doesn’t help matters, but generally speaking, if you know a Yankees fan, you know someone who is very knowledgeable and passionate about baseball. More importantly, you know someone who, no matter how […]

The Giants figure out economics

The Giants may not understand the law of supply and demand when it comes to thirtysomething middle infielders, but they do get it when it comes to ticket pricing: Next season, San Francisco Giants fans buying single-game tickets for an April game against Milwaukee might pay half as much as they would for a weekend […]