Maddux to Retire

It’s official. Or at least it will be on Monday. Maddux is my favorite baseball player of all time. Despite this, I have only seen him pitch in person one time. This is a near-contemporaneous account of that one time I saw him, related in an email to my buddy Ethan in the still-drunk hours […]

The earflap caps are coming!

It’s been over a month since I predicted that they’d be all the rage this winter, and now finally they’re available: Next weekend, fans will finally be able to buy Phillies ear-flap caps, like the one Jimmy Rollins wore during the victorious World Series homestand in late October. At first, however, they’ll only be sold […]

Depression Porn

Forgive me for yet another non-baseball thing, but Virginia Postrel has an excellent post noting how journalists seem to be really getting off on “Depression Porn“: The Boston Globe’s Drake Bennett asked a bunch of people, including me, what a 21st-century Depression might look like. The results sounded pretty damned good to some people–a sure […]

Wither* Tracy Ringolsby?

A local news station is reporting that the Rocky Mountain News is likely to shut down soon: The Rocky, Colorado’s oldest newspaper, was put up for sale on Thursday after owner E.W. Scripps Co. said it lost about $11 million on the operation in the first nine months of the year. Cincinnati-based Scripps said in […]

At least it’s not funded with tax dollars

The MLB Network has built itself a stadium: Dubbed Studio 42 — after Jackie Robinson’s number — the MLB Network will convert what used to be MSNBC’s main set in Secaucus, N.J., into a sort of ballpark. Its infield is only half regulation size. But, says Tony Petitti, president of the MLB Network, which launches […]

The Waiting Game

Jason at IIATMS lists a number of reasons why anxious Yankee watchers should just calm the heck down about the lack of progress on the Sabathia-to-New York front. Perhaps the best one: The Yanks are not the destination they were in 2000, 2001, 2002, when they were making regular World Series appearances. The team is […]

The Bonds Charges

The prosecutors in the Barry Bonds case have now officially dropped a handful of charges: Federal prosecutors dropped four counts of lying to a grand jury against Barry Bonds, leaving him to face trial next year on 10 counts of making false statements plus an additional obstruction of justice charge. Bonds faces the same potential […]

Today at THT

Things to chew on as you try to remember how much sleep you used to get before you had kids: For you voyeurs out there, Roel Torres writes a diary of his life and baseball for the week of July 18th through July 24th. He’s a Sox fan, so you get his recaps of Boston’s […]


The Rays are expanding to Brazil: On Thursday, the Rays announced they have built a partnership with the city of Marilia, Brazil, that will include construction of a training facility beginning in the first quarter of 2009, which will be the first baseball academy in Brazil run by a Major League organization. “It’s [a project] […]

A Different Kind of Integration

We’ll soon be getting to the point where even otherwise grownup baseball fans won’t remember that the NL never used to play the AL outside of the All-Star game and World Series, that each league had it’s own President and, in many important ways, were administered separately. But every now and again I’ll read something […]