The right thing for the wrong reason?

Keith Law is a smart cookie, and today on his personal blog, he made a pretty sharp observation in connection with being admitted to the BBWAA: I am still unclear on why, exactly, I might need to be a member; after conversations with probably a dozen current members, I think the opposite is true – […]

Cheap Populism

Paul Daugherty has written the kind of column for which I have absolutely no use: Baseball has never been more disconnected. The national pastime has never been less representative of the nation. As agent Scott Boras marshals his small army of colleagues at the baseball winter meetings in Las Vegas, seeking to thin the wallets […]

Joe Torre’s worlds collide

I hate it when my day job interferes with my social life. Joe Torre seems to be taking it better: For the last 13 years or so, Torre has visited this gambling mecca in early December to play golf and craps and to bet on the horses with his own modern-day Rat Pack. For the […]

First Chinese Democracy, now this

And directly on the heels of writing that mondo-long post about silly BBWAA voting, four people who would never employ dumbass reasoning like that are granted admittance to the tribe: Rob Neyer and Keith Law of and Will Carroll and Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus have all been asked to join the BBWAA’s ranks. […]

Today at THT

So I decide to go out for some cocktails after work last night. I’m at the Tip Top, gettin’ my drink on, when in walks this gorgeous brunette. I won’t bore you with the details, but we hit it off. And I mean really hit it off. Flash forward to 8PM: I’m booking home, trying […]

Please be true

There are so many things wrong with FOX’s baseball broadcasts, but at least now there will be one less wrong thing: The Fox network is considering dropping its Saturday pregame show before Major League Baseball broadcasts next season. “In this economic climate, like most businesses, we’re being forced to review our options for reducing costs,” […]