The Unit has options

Randy Johnson’s agent is talking about San Francisco, but if he’s being honest, there is a lot of interest in the Big Unit right now: Randy Johnson is being wooed by both Bay Area teams. He seems to prefer the Giants. “Randy’s really interested,” one of his agents, Barry Meister, said Thursday, the final day […]

Cole Hamels Meets Talk Radio

I’m not usually a fan of trash talk, accusations of overratedness, or discussions that center around the word “choke.” But with just about every important baseball figure on an airplane heading home from Las Vegas this afternoon, it’s a slow news day, and I thus have no choice but to wade into those waters a […]

Just another ten-percenter (his mind is like an ocean)

Boras. Tellem. Greenberg. Hendricks. Levinson. Saberhagen? Bret Saberhagen, the two-time Cy Young Award winner from Cleveland High in Reseda, has just joined the agent business. West Coast Sports Management, the Pasadena-based firm headed by former Dodgers general manager Dan Evans, hired Saberhagen this week, and his primary responsibilities will be to evaluate and recruit pitchers. […]

Peavy Deal Dead

So sayeth Robo: The Cubs’ pursuit of Jake Peavy is over. Padres general manager Kevin Towers said he was told by Cubs general manager Jim Hendry on Thursday that the Cubs were no longer interested in pursuing a deal for the former Cy Young winner. The teams had spoken for weeks about a potential trade […]

Who Asked Him?

Someone thought it was worth asking Brian McNamee’s opinion about something: Roger Clemens will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013. Brian McNamee, the trainer whom Clemens is suing for defamation as a result of allegations he made in the Mitchell report, says there’s no chance the right-hander will be enshrined. “He’s done. […]

Can you pay the way to San Jose?

As was mentioned the other day, the A’s still might move to San Jose, but if they do, they’d better not be expecting any handouts: Amid all the talk this week that new challenges in Fremont could be thawing San Jose’s long-frozen hopes for landing a showpiece A’s stadium, city officials Wednesday were cool to […]

Tickets please

Step 1: Buy World Series tickets; Step 2: Sell them on the secondary market for a huge markup; Step 3: Quickly call the stadium ticket office and report the now-sold tickets stolen; Step 4: Get the tickets you sold voided, and receive fresh new tickets. Step 5: Catch all kinds of hell from the guy […]

Appropos of nothing

Even if Blagojevich hadn’t gotten all extorty with Sam Zell, the state-helping-the-Cubs-with-Wrigley thing would have been sunk by the Tribune’s bankruptcy: Before Gov. Blagojevich’s arrest, his administration and Tribune Co. were discussing a $250 million bond deal for the purchase of Wrigley Field, the chairman of the Illinois Finance Authority said Wednesday. William Brandt Jr., […]

Melky for Mikey

The Daily News has the Yankees trading Melky Cabrera to Milwaukee for Mike Cameron: The Yankees have found their center fielder for 2009, as they are set to send Melky Cabrera to Milwaukee for veteran outfielder Mike Cameron on Thursday, according to two major league sources . . . Many believed Cabrera would be the […]

Today at THT

I was part of a 12-blogger trade late last night involving MVN, FanHouse, and Baseball Prospectus, but someone screwed up the paperwork and I somehow ended up back here. The lesson: people should just try to keep things simple. Colin Wyers wonders whether more actual butts in the seats gives the home team an advantage. […]

A big ol’ trade

This is way too complicated for 5:45 AM: A blockbuster, 12-player, three-team swap Wednesday night landed the Mariners seven players, including strong-armed, fleet-footed center fielder Franklin Gutierrez from the Indians, but it cost Seattle right-handed closer J.J. Putz, who was traded to the Mets . . . . . . Besides Gutierrez, the Mariners received […]