Moores to sell the Padres

It’s the divorce that keeps on taking: San Diego Padres owner John Moores told this weekend that he has hired Goldman Sachs to identify potential buyers for the ballclub. Moores, who bought the team in 1995 for approximately $80 million, said the international banking firm has been hired as a financial advisor to study […]

This is news?

Since when does ESPN run descriptions of short video clips as news stories? And if you’re an ESPN reporter who breaks his or her butt calling sources and landing interviews, don’t you feel a bit silly for not having thought about changing your beat to the valet line outside of fancy restaurants? Much easier […]

If anything, the ballplayers are underpaid

Chew on this the next time your local columnist spouts off about how baseball salaries are out of step with reality or out of touch or insensitive or whatever the hell else mere economic transactions are incapable of being: Major League Baseball players received about 52 percent of leaguewide revenue last season, said MLB’s Rob […]

Park to Philly

Reason number 137 why, even a couple of months later, it doesn’t feel like the Phillies are the World Champions: South Korean pitcher Park Chan Ho has signed a Major League Baseball contract with the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies, the club announced Monday on its website. The one-year deal, reportedly worth 2.5 million dollars […]

Josh Wilker Interview

For a while I was convinced that I had bored poor old Scott Simkus to death a couple of weeks ago when he interviewed me, but he’s back with another interview, and this time the subject is far more interesting: Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods. In it, you can learn about Buster Olney hanging on […]

Trouble at 18th and Vine

It’s been a long two years for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Buck O’Neil died in October 2006, and since then there has been haggling over (a) an education and research center that O’Neil hoped would be his legacy; and (b) a new Executive Director of the Museum itself. As of late Friday, (b) is […]

For your journey on the River Styx

I’m sure I’ve linked to a story like this at some point over the past year, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Even if I have, it’s worth linking to again, because silliness never goes out of style: Leaving no merchandising stone unturned, Major League Baseball has authorized the use of team […]

Today at THT

I’m going to intrude on Barbieri’s turf for a moment and note that, on this day in 1974, arbitrator Peter Seitz rules that the Oakland Athletics breached the contract of pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter by failing to buy a required insurance policy. As a result, Hunter was released from his contract, allowing him to become […]

Misallocated resources

I’m not sure which represents a more needless and troubling waste of effort that could ultimately serve to hurt the ballclub: Hideki Okajima running in a marathon, or Jay Bruce openly lobbying for the return of Jerry Hairston. At least Okajima will recover eventually. There is no cure for 500 at-bats from Jerry Hairston.


If you’re looking for a fan of soon-to-be-former President Bush’s, you’ve come to the wrong place. That said, I give credit where credit is due, and I have to laud President Bush for: 1. Throwing the best “first pitch” of any chief executive in my lifetime at Game 3 of the 2001 World Series; and […]