Mike Scioscia Weeps

ShysterBall’s International Correspondent, Ron Rollins, alerts us to this interesting development in the final and deciding game of the Philippines World Series (or whatever it is they call it): Joseph Orillana made Game 2 of Baseball Philippines Series 4 finals a one-man show. The 28-year old national team member performed an all-around effort to lead […]

WBC Dream Team

I find it insanely difficult to pretend to care — let alone genuinely care — about the WBC. Thankfully, there are guys like FanHouse’s Matt Snyder around who do. Matt has put together a Team USA roster which, at first blush, looks pretty darn good. My only quibble is a political one: I’d have Youkilis […]

The worst seats in the house

The Rangers are spending a few million bucks for upgrades at The Ballpark. One of them makes sense: The Rangers also announced they are widening the home-plate screen an extra 50 feet so that it will run from one photo well to another next to the dugouts. “We want to make sure that fans sitting […]

Manny to NY?  Why not?

In response to the Yankees’ reported interest in Manny Ramirez, Jason at IIATMS says “But three years? On THIS team? With this many 35 year olds who will need to have a day or two in the DH role? Good lord, no!!!!” Good point! Everyone knows that the Yankees are getting old, but it’s worth […]

The Ponson Case

Peter Schmuck has a good column today about an arbitration most of either forgot was going to happen or knew nothing about in the first place: The Sidney Ponson Case: Ponson was a highly talented young pitcher who came up through the Orioles’ system and seemed ticketed for stardom. He also was a wild child […]

Today at THT

Sabermetricians! Whoa. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of Whiteyball, Dude, at least it’s an ethos. Adam Guttridge, a fellow who has worked in Major League Baseball and would like to again, writes of his experiences looking for a baseball job in Las Vegas last week, and titles the article “Three Things […]

The Furcal Follies

I read stuff like this . . . Rafael Furcal might not be an Atlanta Brave just yet, much to the dismay of the Atlanta Braves. Because while certain people in the organization were confirming Tuesday that, yes, the Braves had come to an agreement to bring their former shortstop back to Atlanta after three […]

More on the Astros leaving Venezuela

I got a pretty informed and insightful comment regarding the Astros bugging out of Venezuela and I thought I’d share it with the rest of the class. It’s from reader James Van Awesome (pretty sure that’s German), who is writing his undergraduate thesis on baseball in Venezuela. James writes: In my opinion, the Astros’ operations […]