Flashbacks are hell

A fellow by the name of Bill Smith was inducted into the Babe Ruth League Hall of Fame: With more than 52 years of service to America’s largest youth baseball organization, Bill Smith of Chickasha has been named to the Babe Ruth League’s National Hall of Fame. The Babe Ruth International Board of Directors unanimously […]

Pedant’s Corner

Note to the Wall Street Journal: It’s the “Rule 5 Draft,” not the “Rule V Draft.” The error is one that I’d normally let slide, but the article itself contains evidence that this was not some typo: The Rule V draft fits perfectly in the lexicon of baseball, where words like “non-tendered,” “infield fly,” and […]

Think Harder

It’s easier to prohibit something than to make the alternatives more desirable: In an effort to dissuade top amateurs from skipping out to play professionally abroad–as corporate league righty Junichi Tazawa has done–Nippon Professional Baseball is studying a plan to ban them from playing on their return to Japan. One version under consideration would prevent […]

Today at THT

Sorry for the late start today, but I was up late last night watching a fantastic movie. And it wasn’t just entertaining. I learned something to keep in mind when conducting research: When you go looking for something specific, your chances of finding it are very bad. Because of all the things in the world, […]

The Snyder Case

While I am a lawyer by trade and a baseball writer by force of passion, if I could choose one job out of any in the world to have, it would be private investigator. No, not a real one like the guy who found out that your uncle was cheating on your aunt or the […]