Deep Thought

One of those writing projects I mentioned in the previous post is a book review I’m doing for the New York Post of Allen St. John’s book about the Super Bowl called The Billion Dollar Game. Really good book, by the way, and I’ll link the review here when it runs. But something in it […]

Programming Note

Because I’m a terrible procrastinator, I’ve come dangerously close to blowing the deadlines for two non-blog writing projects. As such, today will be a bit slower than usual as I scramble to whip rough drafts into publishing shape. I’ll be around, though, so if the questionable Manny Ramirez rumor turns out to be true and […]


For those of you who haven’t seen this elsewhere, The MLB Network is kicking things off on January 1st with a rebroadcast of Don Larsen’s perfect game from the 1956 World Series. I was planning on watching that anyway, but this article contains two little details of which I wasn’t previously aware which make it […]

Today at THT

It’s so cold outside that if the thermometer were any longer we’d all freeze to death. So why don’t you stay inside, mix your favorite beverage, and warm yourself with some fresh, hot baseball: Chris Jaffe examines why everybody seems to hate Steve Garvey. Garvey-hate is an occasionally funny baseball-on-the-Internet meme, but I have to […]

The 5 percent rule

The New York Times‘ Dan Rosenheck calls for the abolition of the rule that bounces dudes off the Hall of Fame ballot if they don’t receive 5% of the vote in their first year. The reason: the writers are starting to (slowly) get smarter about what makes a Hall of Famer, and many of the […]