Insight Communications Has Ruined My Year

In the runup to its January 1st launch, I thought I’d plan ahead and find out on exactly which channel the MLB Network will be appearing among the many hundreds of offerings I receive from my cable provider, Insight Communications. After all, I’d hate to tune to channel 947 when the Larsen perfect game is […]

Cheap Seats

Evidence that the Yankees have not turned a deaf ear (blind eye?) to the complaints over the cost of their stadium, the way in which it is being paid for, and what it has done to the price of tickets in New York: The price of a bleacher seat for the exhibition openers at the […]

Leitch on Ellis

Will Leitch comments on Dock Ellis’ passing today, particularly his acid no-hitter. In so doing, we’re reminded that Deadspin lost a hell of a lot more than most people realize when he left: The world is a crazed, nonsensical place, mostly random, confused, chaotic, numbing. We search for reason wherever we can find it. And […]

Marty Brennaman is a disgrace

Redleg Stats Blog (via BTF) has a pretty extraordinary transcript of Reds’ broadcaster Marty Brennaman unloading on a fan who dares to defend Adam Dunn: Caller: People here don’t realize that Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn don’t get paid $12 million to hit .300. They get paid to hit home runs; that’s it. Marty: No, […]

Dueling Defamation

Nearly a year after Roger Clemens sued Brian McNamee in Texas, Brian McNamee has sued Roger Clemens in New York: Roger Clemens’ former personal trainer – the man who ratted out the Rocket to the feds over alleged steroid use – is suing his ex-client for $10 million, claiming the former Yankee hurler defamed him. […]

Today at THT

I realize that I’d go to jail if I killed my parents, but do you think the judge would go easier on me if I told them I did it because they bought my three year-old son a drum set for Christmas? Treder and Namee complete their exploration of the alternate universe no-Frazee Boston Red […]


At some point in their career — many points if you work in a certain type of law firm — every young lawyer is asked to find some legal authority to support a truly dumbass argument that the partner for whom they’re working thinks is brilliant. Some precedent which stands for a proposition which flies […]