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  1. I’d probably add Josh Hamilton’s impressive display during the HR derby to that list.  Although 2007 was his real “redemption” year, that show that he put on at Yankee Stadium was unreal.

  2. Surely the BBWAA’s belated inclusion of Neyer and Law is one of the 10 most significant baseball events of the year (on somebody’s blog somewhere).

  3. The 2008 season was also, interestingly, the year of The Successful Mid-Season trade. Look at how the Ramirez-Bay trade worked out. I am not a huge fanny of Manny, but does LA surge like that in the last month without him? Or, do the Brewers make it to the post-season without what Sabathia brought with him?  It was also interesting, and, personally frustrating, to see the Angels and the Cubs, the two monsters of their respective leagues, flame-out in the first round of the playoffs.
    I’ll join Ralph’s opinion that the Hamilton story was incredible, but the entire season had no shortage of great story lines.

  4. I think I may have to include officially stating that all playoff and WS games have to be complete nine inning affairs, and the whole Game 5 debacle that prompted said clarification, as a top 10 story.