Most keen observers realize that you can’t put much stock in the numbers painted on the outfield walls, as “330″ in one park can be radically different in another park. The problem is that there really isn’t much uniformity in terms of how the measurements are made, and I’m willing to be that there’s zero […]

Anatomy of a scandal

When a political scandal hits, you can always expect things to happen in this order: 1. Denials that anything happened; 2. Denials that that which happened was inappropriate; 3. Admissions, either tacit or explicit, that that which happened was inappropriate in an effort to minimize the damage; and 4. Heads rolling. We’re now at step […]

Get creative, Adam!

Rosenthal has a piece up about Adam Dunn. The first post about it in the BTF thread is from the always insightful Harveys Wallbangers, and it’s pretty brilliant, actually: If I were Adam I would take a one year deal, play my *ss off and look to re-enter a much better market to start 2010. […]

The gum must be AWFUL by now

It’s this sort of thing that causes my brother to drag me through antique shops and thrift stores for hours on end whenever we’re together: Bernice Gallego sat down one day this summer, as she does pretty much every day, and began listing items on eBay. She dug into a box and pulled out a […]

More on Romero and Mitre

There is a lot of he-said-she-said about the Romero and Mitre suspensions. To help clear up things — or muddy things, depending on your point of view — Jason at IIATMS spoke with agent Matt Sosnick about L’affaire (L’affaires?) Mite and Romero. Check it out.

What are the Reds doing?

I’m not a Reds fan, but because they’re close to me and because I have friends that are Reds fans I tend to obsess on their minor personnel moves more than I would that of other teams. This is one worth obsessing on a bit: The Reds, securing protection at shortstop, have reached a preliminary […]

Mrs. Teixeira made the call

Apparently Mark Teixeira’s wife made the call on signing with the Yankees: Thirteen days before Christmas, Mark Teixeira, the Yankees’ $180 million man, was having dinner with his wife, Leigh, when he pleaded with her for insight about the future. If everything was equal among Teixeira’s suitors, he said, where would she rather see him […]

Today at THT

I’m in a Diamondmind sim league with Dayn Perry, Joe Dimino, Shredder, and a bunch of guys whose names you might know if you hang around Baseball Think Factory a lot. Last night I turned in my keeper list in the runup to this year’s draft. We’re allowed to keep ten players. I listed mine, […]