The majors and the minors

Our good friend Pete Toms doesn’t just shoot me links and make sharp insights in the comment threads. He writes stuff too, and today he has a piece over at The Biz of Baseball about the relationship between the majors, the minors and the independents. Pete wouldn’t stand for me calling him a blogger, but […]

Okane Ball

The Oakland A’s are partnering up with the Tohoku Rakuten Eagles of the Japanese Pacific League: The Rakuten Eagles announced Friday they have entered into a formal one-year partnership with the Oakland Athletics to strengthen both organizations’ baseball operation and management areas. Under the agreement, Rakuten and the A’s will exchange coaching and strength-and-conditioning staff […]

Depression baseball

There have been several articles in the past few months about what the economic situation might do to baseball, and with them many comparisons to the Great Depression. Most of them have been driven by looks back at attendance figures. A couple of days ago, however, the New York Times ran one that gave more […]

Just stop it

It’s bad enough that the Braves have been given the baseball equivalent of an atomic wedgie by anyone they’ve tried to sign this winter, but now they’ve got out of town writers eyeing Braves’ players like they’re the 1958 Kansas City A’s or something: You’ve heard this story from the Dodgers and Angels in many […]

Today at THT

I didn’t watch a single down of Florida-Oklahoma last night and I don’t regret it for a second. Craig Brown breaks down the Cubs’ signing of Milton Bradley. His prediction: a lot of time on the DL. Brown is too much of a gentleman to make the companion prediction of a Bradley meltdown when some […]