The University of Utah baseball team is going to host something next month called “An Evening with Harmon Killebrew.” I love me some Killebrew, but I have this feeling that an evening with him involves a bland meat dinner of some sort, followed by eleven pages of the “Saturday Evening Post” in an armchair, followed […]

Where Rangers owners go to die

Driving around town this morning I heard a report on NPR about George Bush’s new digs in Dallas. Sounds like a nice modest 8,000 square foot cottage (and indeed, someone in the report referred to it as “not a really huge home”). He used to own the Rangers, of course, and it turns out that […]

Don’t get your hopes up, Boston

Via BTF comes a story from WEEI about JS that is a lot of BS: The Sox’ contingent didn’t know what to expect in the 50-pitch side session, perhaps just a stream of straight balls and a subsequent physical examination. But, with his agents also looking on, Smoltz first threw a few 40-yard passes and […]

The case for Raines

Keith Law makes the Hall of Fame case for Tim Raines, and as is usually the case, he is as comprehensive as all get-out about it: So Raines was perhaps the best base stealer in the game’s history, the second-best leadoff hitter, one of the best hitters at reaching base (the most important thing a […]

Not to get too political, but . . .

I won’t shed tears if and when Rogers Clemens gets indicted, but a reader over at Talking Points Memo has a pretty good point: Doesn’t it seem a little odd that when you have a ball player (Roger Clemens) who lies to Congress about steroid use in baseball, the U.S. Attorney for DC convenes a […]

Today at THT

Some stuff to read while wondering if your plans would have been more successful if only you had kept things simple: John Brattain gives us the Hall of Fame voting results scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked. Upshot: if you were a corner outfielder for your American Legion team, Jim Rice’s induction gives you a non-frivolous […]