The Twins are healthy

The economy may be stank on a stick, but the Twins are doing just fine, thank you: The Minnesota Twins are on pace to sell a franchise-record 11,000 season tickets for the 2009 season, up from about 10,000 last year. The team expects about 90 percent of last year’s season-ticket holders to renew — a […]

Simkus on James

Scott Simkus has a piece up about Bill James, James’ website, and (a bit) about his upcoming book about crime. It ends in an interview of sorts. Based on the intro, you can tell it’s not your typical James profile: George William H. Bonney “Bill” James (born October 5, 1949) has been turning sabr-tricks since […]

The Clear

Yahoo!’s Jonathan Littman has a major story today about the legal status of “The Clear” at the time Barry Bonds was asked about it in the course of his grand jury testimony, and suggests that this fact may prove problematic for prosecutors: It could explain why Barry Bonds’ attorneys believe the grand jury questions to […]

It’s just a shirt, Matt

When your team comes out with a new jersey, you can (a) say “Here’s the new jersey. We like it and hope people buy a lot of them”; or (b) reach for a lot of symbolic hooey. Tampa Bay has chosen (b): On May 1st, the Rays will don a new alternate jersey when they […]

Can they be the California Angels again?

The city of Anaheim has decided to drop that lawsuit in which they’re trying to force the Angels to change their name: Mayor Curt Pringle says the City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to give up its battle to restore the team’s name to the Anaheim Angels. The city had argued that team owner Arte Moreno […]

Today at THT

Yesterday was kind of a surreal day for me. I had a meeting with an executive placement kind of person in a suburban office park at 8AM. I probably wouldn’t have gone on my own, but the business is run by a friend of a friend, and the two of them either (a) wanted to […]