More on the Anaheim lawsuit

You have to scroll way down to read it here, but that losing battle the City of Anaheim fought against the Angels wasn’t cheap: After spending roughly $4 million in legal fees, the City of Anaheim agreed to drop its civil suit against its baseball team–the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim–seeking to have the “L.A.” […]

Forgive me, but it’s a slow day

I hesitate to give them free commercial time, but the Go Daddy people have put their two Super Bowl ads online, and the first one is kind of a riff on the Clemens-McNamee hearings. You are certainly free to click off the site after that one airs, but just so you know, the second one […]

The year we make contact

2010: It’s not just the title of a Roy Scheider movie I like a lot more than I probably should, it’s also the next time we’ll have Hall of Fame results. Today, FanHouse’s Matt Snyder takes a look at the list of next year’s first-time eligibles. He has Roberto Alomar as “probable,” Barry Larkin, Fred […]

Freezing out Clemens

I’m not Rogers Clemens’ biggest fan — never have been, dating back to the mid 80s, really — but I agree with Fred Faour that the ostracization of the Rocket has gotten a bit silly: Ask yourself: Did you cheer Roger Clemens when he pitched? Barry Bonds when he homered? Did you celebrate Mark McGwire […]

I feel safer

If there was any more evidence that the federal government’s steroids crackdown is driven primarily by headlines, look no further than this: Barely more than a week after Major League Baseball suspended Phillies reliever J.C. Romero for 50 games for using a banned substance, the laboratory that produced the nutritional supplement that the left-hander claimed […]

Sleepover at Trey’s

Trey Hillman is having a little get together/mini-camp at his Texas home next week: Hey, y’all, come on down to Liberty Hill, Texas. Set a spell. Chew the fat. Snag some worm-killers. Whack the ol’ horsehide. All you infielders, that is. Yep, Royals manager Trey Hillman is having most of his infielders down to his […]

Today at THT

When I joined up with THT, the bosses told me that I should probably avoid writing about religion. And they’re right, because there’s really nothing good that can come of the subject in an open forum, especially when we’re supposed to be talking about baseball. I will say, however — just in passing — that […]