Mr. President

The Tribune’s John Kass, with the help of Jerry Reinsdorf, speculates about the implications of the president being a White Sox fan: “Well, maybe he could issue a presidential edict to get us another pitcher who could go 200 innings,” Reinsdorf said. “That might be nice.” As president, Obama could help our team in many […]

U.S. History as Baseball

I’ve been known to stretch a metaphor beyond its breaking point, but this is downright bizarre. I got through the Civil War — well, at least I think it was the Civil War — before throwing in the towel. Quick: someone with a greater attention span than mine — tell me if they included the […]

Can you do that?

I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to the concept of seat licenses, mostly because I’ve never considered buying season tickets for anything and thus haven’t been required to think much about it. Beyond knowing that they have been a part of every new park, stadium, and arena to open over the past couple […]

Great Moments in Ueberroth History

From the department of randomness, comes a story about Peter Ueberroth place in civil rights history: There were a million people at the Martin Luther King Day parade in Atlanta in 1986, several hundred of whom still have a picture of Peter Ueberroth somewhere in their scrapbooks. Many of them probably didn’t know who the […]

Mark McGwire and integrity

Jack Curry had a good article yesterday about Mark McGwire and integrity, which is the reason why most of the people keeping him out of the Hall of Fame won’t vote for him. Curry makes a good point, however, and that’s that the integrity issue is really two-fold: (1) should McGwire be kept out of […]

The people in my neighborhood

As mentioned in the inaugural edition of this feature, “The people in my neighborhood” will periodically highlight the work of some of the (for now, anyway) lesser-known bloggers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of conversing and who, on occasion, loiter around ShysterBall comment threads waiting for you to make a mistake and then pounce […]

Today at THT

We now have ourselves a Super Bowl match up, and because we’ve all known where the game is going to be played for years and because weather is not an issue, we now have two whole weeks worth of media days, Playboy parties, VIP gatherings, television specials, marketing tie-ins, and countless other media, P.R., and […]