The Pirates make a good move

No, I’m not talking about anything they’ve done with the LaRoche brothers this week, I’m talking about banishing the ugly red vests: The Pirates’ red uniforms, which have drawn notable ire from the public since being introduced in 2007, will be no more. The Pirates will introduce a new alternate uniform to the public at […]

Ballpark News

The Marlins still can’t seem to get their new park built: The campaign to bring the Florida Marlins a new ballpark in South Florida has stalled again. Votes by Miami and Miami-Dade commissioners that could lead to the new stadium have been delayed, in part because of the holiday season and Tuesday’s presidential inauguration. City […]

Nuts to caps

Not all of the mainstream press accepts the owners’ recent whining about salary caps at face value, and today the San Francisco Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins takes a whack at it. A key thing to remember about salary caps: To make the Jason Kidd-to-Dallas deal work last year, the Mavericks had to re-sign Keith Van Horn, […]

Sign those kids!

Jim Rice: step aside, because this is what it means to be a feared hitter: A pair of 8-year-olds armed with baseball bats are being credited with stopping a man who had put a gun to a woman’s face and threatened to kill her The two boys came to the woman’s rescue on Sunday shortly […]

Commish for a day

Jason at IIATMS has started rolling out all of the responses he got to his “what would you do if you were made Commissioner for a day” request. He got so much feedback that he’s going to break it down by subject. First up: relocation and territory rights, with a contribution from Keith Law and […]

Markakis’ Deal

I’m not always the best judge of these things, but Nick Markakis’ new deal seems to be pretty decent for both sides: The Orioles have reached a six-year, $66.1 million contract extension with right fielder Nick Markakis, according to baseball sources. He will be in Baltimore on Wednesday to take a physical and sign the […]

Radomski Rites

I find that there is nothing less nutritious in life than quickie autobiographies of Warholian figures. These are people who are fleetingly famous for a very specific purpose, with said purpose capable of thorough exploration in the space of a mid-sized magazine feature. We nevertheless get full-blown books out of these guys for some reason, […]

Studeman Speaks

I should have included this in Today at THT, but please know that THT’s intrepid leader, Dave Studeman, will be speaking about Win Shares and other sabermetric concepts at Northwestern University on Thursday. Here are the details: When: Thursday, 7PM Where: University Hall, 1897 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL Snacks: Doubtful, but it’s always possible Dress […]

Today at THT

It’s Inauguration Day. Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows that my favorite president of all time was William Henry Harrison. I can’t help it: I’m a staunch enemy of the spoils system and greatly believe in the Bank of the United States, as did my father before me. Of […]