The Old Home

My wife and I used to own a small but tidy little house in Columbus’ Clintonville neighborhood. It was a great place. It was built in the 20s yet somehow no one over the ensuing decades pained over the wonderful woodwork, replaced the glass doorknobs, or ruined the floors with bad carpet or linoleum. Sure, […]

Moving Day

The Yankees are moving their stuff today: Friday is moving day in the Bronx and, no, the crates don’t have pinstripes. Eighty-six years after moving in, the New York Yankees are moving out. The team’s front office will move across the street Friday to the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium, which is nearing completion and […]

Never fear, George Mitchell is here!

Several people notified me of the following development yesterday: President Obama moved swiftly to engage on the Middle East on Wednesday, calling Israeli and Arab leaders on his first morning in office and preparing to appoint a seasoned peace negotiator and former senator, George J. Mitchell, as his special emissary to the region . . […]

New York BBWAA Dinner

If you’re like me, you can’t bring yourself to pay 50 cents for a copy of the rags they write for, so I’m having trouble getting my mind around paying $225 to have dinner with them: Tickets remain on sale for this Sunday’s New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America dinner at […]

Today at THT

Things to to read as you ponder the disconnect between the nice things people say about you after you die and the occasionally nasty person you were while you were alive: In This Annotated Week in Baseball History, Richard Barbieri uses Alan Benes’ birthday as an excuse to look at “the other brother” of great […]