Dibble to the Nats

Just when you think Nats fans have suffered enough, along comes the latest atrocity: The Nationals will have a new color man this year for their TV broadcasts: the always-colorful Rob Dibble. MASN announced today that Dibble has signed a multi-year deal to broadcast the games alongside Bob Carpenter. Dibble is replacing Don Sutton, who […]

The People in my Neighborhood

I’m not writing jack today, but these guys are: In what constitutes my greatest oversight in quite a while, I forgot to include Wezen-Ball in the first two installments of the ShysterBlog neighborhood. Lar does good work over there, uncovering many a priceless historical gem such as prospect previews from a couple of dozen years […]

The Cubs must protect this house

If you’re like me, and you hate those stupid Under Armour logos on the outfield doors at Wrigley Field, this is good news: The Chicago Cubs baseball team has sued Under Armour Inc, charging the athletic clothing and shoe maker with reneging on a five-year sponsorship agreement worth $10.8 million. The Cubs, in documents filed […]

Chris Needham returns

Fans of the now-defunct Capitol Punishment blog will be happy to see that Chris Needham is writing about the Nats again, this time for NBC. As he explains at the old space, he’s only doing it for the Benjamins. Well, since it’s blogging, he’s probably only doing for the Jacksons and maybe the Grants, but […]

Today at THT

I watched the movie “Five Easy Pieces” for about the tenth time last night, and it never gets old. Fabulous movie. If someone told me I had a day to live, I’d probably cue it up. But one thing has always bothered me about it. Well, not the movie, especially, but the reaction to its […]