Torre talks of tears

The latest Torre stuff: Johnny Damon’s lack of heart in 2007 brought players to tears or something: Interesting stuff on Pages 394 and 395 about Johnny Damon’s physical and emotional struggles early in the 2007 season, when a leg injury sapped him of his enthusiasm and he began to annoy old-guard Yankees. In a private […]

Will Clark to the Giants

Unfortunately, he won’t be playing first base: Will Clark, who remains one of the club’s most popular players since the franchise moved to San Francisco in 1958, is expected to be named to the Giants’ front-office staff on Wednesday. The Giants issued a media advisory on Tuesday stating that Clark and Bill Neukom, the Giants’ […]

Well, at least he’s rested . . .

With all apologies to my THT colleagues, Razzball — a most excellent fantasy site, by the way — has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that FanGraphs is the most powerful stat site on the planet. Why? Because they have apparently brought Cory Lidle back from the dead and have a 2009 Marcel projection […]

The Marlins’ moment of truth

Miami-Dade officials have set the vote — and released the final renderings and sketches and stuff — for the Marlins’ new stadium: Miami and Miami-Dade leaders are poised to cast rapid-fire, historic votes that could end the decade-long search for a permanent home for the two-time World Series champion Florida Marlins. If approved Feb. 13, […]

Bidding John Updike Adieu

While most media attention has focused on the death of my cat, the world of letters lost someone else of note yesterday as well: John Updike. If you haven’t read it, the Rabbit series was pretty spectacular. And of course, as many baseball bloggers are noting today, in 1960 Updike wrote this fantastic piece on […]


This list of the top 10 sports mascots is a bunch of applesauce for two reasons: (1) The Phillie Phanatic is way better than Mr. Met; and (2) Brutus Buckeye was totally robbed. And really, does anyone really like that green guy the Red Sox use? (thanks to Pete Toms for the link)

Today at THT

I found out yesterday that I can have someone killed for about $160. Unfortunately it was my cat, so I’m in a pretty crappy mood this morning. On the bright side, the two cats that remain in Chez Calcaterra have been on their best behavior since I had to put Lizzie down, as they now […]