On the matter of decorative pillow shams

I got a Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail today because I’m a suburban father and that’s what they send us when they stop sending our wives the Victoria’s Secret Catalog. Anyway, I was kind of interested in one of their new product lines: Introducing our Major League Baseball collection of officially licensed products. […]

The People in My Neighborhood

It’s a slow news day, so let’s leverage the ShysterBlogosphere for some content: Jason joins the chorus of people who believe that Jeter needs to step up and defend his emotionally-stunted teammate from the attacks of their former boss. I see the point — and apparently so too does Jeter — but it’s gotta be […]

Great Moments in Self-Promotion

With the newspaper business in as much trouble as it is, you’d think that reporters wouldn’t do stupid things to hurt their credibility like consult blatantly unqualified sources for expert commentary, but they still do it all the time: Craig Calcaterra, a Columbus, Ohio, lawyer who applies his expertise and baseball passion to a blog […]

Today at THT

There’s a quote by some author which goes “no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn.” I can’t remember who said it, but he certainly wasn’t a baseball fan from Ohio. Today at THT: Brian Borawski has the week in business. Item #2 on his list is about the Israeli Baseball League. Readers […]