Deep Thoughts

First she took down Sarah Palin, and now it turns out that she nailed A-Rod to the wall when she interviewed him a few years ago. Query: are there any PR professionals out there who still have Katie Couric on their “softball” list? The way things have gone recently, I think I’d rather be interviewed […]

Citi and the Mets

No, I won’t let this die. Here’s the latest piece — this time with numbers and smart people analyzing it and everything — explaining why the Citigroup-Mets deal is actually a good thing: Front Row Analytics, a consultancy that helps sports franchises value sponsorships, says television exposure in New York media market is a $15 […]


Kevin Baxter examines the weird world of contract incentives: However, some clauses seem a bit strained. Houston Astros reliever LaTroy Hawkins, who doesn’t have a hit in 14 big league seasons, will get $25,000 if he’s the best-hitting pitcher in the National League this season. Seattle’s Tyler Walker, 8-12 over the last three seasons, will […]

Bob, the Jury

Attention lawyers of Greater Boston: if Bob Ryan ever shows up in your jury pool, have him excluded for cause: By indicating that she will very likely exclude prosecutorial evidence that would have been very damning to the case against the beleaguered slugger, she has done right by our system, I suppose. That’s the sort […]

Omnibus A-Rod Post

Obviously there was a lot of activity over the weekend, and while the blogosphere is often great at picking up and processing stuff quickly, it’s not very good at perspective or organization. So, in the interests of perspective and organization — with the knowledge that the A-Rod story is really three or four stories wrapped […]

Ryan Howard grows richer

No more arbitration for Big Ryan: Ryan Howard just wanted to concentrate on baseball this spring. No squabbles over his contract. No daily questions about his future. The big slugger got his wish — and a hefty raise, too. Howard and the Philadelphia Phillies agreed to a $54 million, three-year contract on Sunday, avoiding a […]

What you missed over the weekend

I don’t normally post on weekends, but I did this time due to the A-Rod stuff. In case you missed it: Here’s my initial A-Rod news post; Here’s my take on the beginnings of the media hysteria; Here’s a Deep thought; and Here’s me getting all French Revolution on Gene Orza. Much more on this […]

Today at THT

Yesterday I spilled some of my coffee when I took a left turn too fast. It was as bad as the Space Shuttle Challenger blowing up. Then, as I was reading before bed, I dropped my book and my bookmark fell out, causing me to lose my place. It was the worst thing that had […]