Dunn to the Nats

The Big Donkey may finally have a home: The Washington Nationals have agreed to a preliminary deal with free agent Adam Dunn, a signing that would fulfill their offseason-long search for a left-handed power hitter. Two independent sources have told the Post that Dunn will sign a two-year deal, possibly announced as early as tomorrow. […]

Vote No, Miami-Dade

Stadium giveaways to billionaires are foolish even in the best of times, but they are even harder to take in the worst. Now comes an analysis from the Miami Herald showing that the Marlins deal — due for a vote on Friday — is even more generous than your typical ballpark boondoggle: The Florida Marlins […]

Brian Giles is an Idiot

Brian Giles has now countersued his former girlfriend — the one who claims he battered her — alleging that she abused him. Look, there is absolutely nothing funny about domestic violence, so I’m going to break form here and eschew my usual snark. Thank God, then, that there is something else of note in the […]

Abreu to the Angels

It appears as though Bobby Abreu is going to be a Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim: The Angels are nearing a one-year deal with free agent Bobby Abreu that will pay the former Yankees outfielder between $5 million and $7 million, according to a baseball source . . . He was believed to be seeking […]

Great Moments in White House Reporting

Look, I know I’ve been running about 95% A-Rod since Saturday, but it is a baseball story and this is a baseball blog, so at least I’m walking my beat here. For serious mission creep, check out Obama’s press conference on Monday. We’re in the midst of the greatest economic meltdown in living memory. Our […]

Thanks for the 54-108, you jerk

A decade late and several hundred million dollars short, Wayne Huizenga has regrets: Outgoing Miami Dolphins majority owner H. Wayne Huizenga bid an emotional farewell to his favorite franchise Tuesday, but for the first time admitted he might have broke up the Marlins a year too soon after they won the 1997 World Series. “We […]

This is simply horrible

Just when you think this offseason couldn’t get more sordid and sad: Baseball great Roberto Alomar has full-blown AIDS but insisted on having unprotected sex, his ex-girlfriend charged Tuesday in a bombshell lawsuit. The shocking claim was leveled by Ilya Dall, 31, who said she lived with the ex-Met for three years and watched in […]

Today at THT

Things to read as you wonder whether it’s unethical to tell your five year-old daughter that there will be no shots at this morning’s doctor’s appointment when you know fully well that, yes, there will be shots: John Brattain is none too pleased with the A-Rod stuff, but it has very little if anything to […]