Cut it Out, Bud

Bud Selig is a fine steward of the game when things go well, but he’s dangerous when he tries to, you know, do anything. Here’s a good example of that: Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly is considering restoring the crown to Aaron, who lost it in 2007 to Barry Bonds . . . […]

Target Plaza

The Twins unveiled the plans for the space surrounding their new ballpark yesterday, and it sounds pretty spiffy: Other plans for the space include nine 40-foot tall topiary frames, lit with LED lights and twisted with annual vines. (To the beer snobs among us: Plaza designer Tom Oslund said hops will be one of those […]

Nathans v. Offerman

Remember a couple of years ago when Jose Offerman went nuts? No, not that time. No, the other time. No, the time he hit those dudes with the bats. Yes. Anyway, he’s getting sued for it now: Former all-star Jose Offerman is facing a federal lawsuit for a bat-wielding attack at a minor league game […]

Anonymous vs. Confidential

While the whole Orza/MLBA/sample destruction drama seems to have receded into the background since Monday, there is one big question about all of this that bothers me, and that’s why it was ever possible — destruction or not — for names to be linked up with the 2003 samples. I had only been thinking vaguely […]

It’s complicated

In the American Spectator, Mark Corallo tries to get inside the mind of the steroid using ballplayer: Or imagine you’re a rookie. You just arrived with the big club. And looking around the locker room, you can’t help but notice that 80% of the veterans are looking like something out of a superhero comic book. […]

Manny and the Dodgers

I’ve generally been praising the Dodgers for not bidding against themselves in the Manny Ramirez derby, but as Ken Davidoff notes, they’re pretty much out of maneuvering room: This has not quite been Scott Boras’ finest week, but give the man credit. He can run a free agency like no other agent out there. Remember […]


Joe Maddon has proposed an amnesty program for PED users: Maddon suggested Wednesday that MLB implement an amnesty program for the reported 103 other players who tested positive then take strong measures to make sure there are no future violations. “I’m just looking forward to the day that we move beyond it,” Maddon said upon […]

Take it or leave it, Tom

Tom Glavine seems to misunderstand his value and leverage at this point in his career: Tom Glavine still hasn’t received the financial offer that he’s seeking. But he remains hopeful that the Braves will eventually make the concessions that will allow him the opportunity to fulfill his desire to pitch in Atlanta this year. While […]

Today at THT

A giant windstorm blew through ShysterLand last night, killing the power for the last 15 minutes of “Lost” and preventing me from getting on the Internet. I suppose you could try to find a way to make me angrier on a given Wednesday night, but you’d be hard pressed to top it. AEP and Mother […]