I love random spring training stuff.

The best thing about the major league season are games which are, in and of themselves, meaningless. Wednesday night tilts between teams only marginally in contention, about 17,000 fans enjoying a beer and a game on a nice summer night. We can enjoy them for their own sake without worrying about WHAT IT ALL MEANS, […]

Money is fungible.  That’s why they call it “money”

This morning I posted Jorge Costales’ response to my anti-Marlins stuff, and now Will Wilson has a response to Jorge’s response, taking specific issue with Jorge’s argument that the Marlin Money was designated for entertainment-related purposes to begin with: Governments (politicians) earmark specific revenue and expenditure streams in order to artificially restrict the universe of […]

Selig’s Statement

Lost in yesterday’s let’s-strike-Barry-from-the-record-book silliness is the fact that Bud Selig did make an official statement on Alex Rodriguez yesterday: On behalf of Major League Baseball, I am saddened by the revelations concerning Alex Rodriguez’s use of performance- enhancing substances,” Commissioner Selig said. “While Alex deserves credit for publicly confronting the issue, there is no […]

Comment of the Day

I’ve slagged on the Marlins’ stadium across a dozen posts by now, so it’s probably time I grant some equal time. Here’s a comment on my post about this from Wednesday, from the guy who probably knows more about this deal than the dudes who are going to vote on it later today, Jorge Costales: […]

Clemens takes the loss

Last year, when Roger Clemens first filed suit, I noted that one of the reasons why defamation lawsuits are suckers’ games for the PR-conscious is that so often the outcome is determined by things other than whether the actual statements at issue are true or false. There are many exceptions and nuances to defamation law, […]

Andy Oliver sticks it to the NCAA

An Ohio court reaches the perfectly reasonable conclusion that an NCAA rule which effectively prohibits a 17 year-old kid from responsibly consulting professionals when trying to determine the course of his future violates the law: In a landmark decision, an Ohio judge today ruled in favor of Oklahoma State lefthander Andrew Oliver in his lawsuit […]

Today at THT

Things to read as you realize that there are some things in life you never would have noticed if they had not first been pointed out to you: Dan Turkenkopf has a big piece of BABIP, DIPS, and CQA. This is where I’d normally insert a cute little joke or something, but that would require […]