The Sweet Hereafter

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m sort of knee-deep in the weeds this week, adjusting to a new job and all of the associated stress and upheaval that entails. Because of this — and as you’ve certainly noticed by now — I’ve temporarily cut the number of posts I usually run. Now, in addition to […]

Your tax dollars at work

I’ve detailed in the past just how much federal prosecutors have done in an effort to get Greg Anderson to testify, including threatening and raiding the homes of his wife, Nicole Gestas, and mother-in-law. From yesterday’s NYT, however, you get a glimpse of just how desperate — and, quite frankly, inept — they truly are: […]

So much drama in the WBC

Joel Pinero is not happy: Starting pitcher Joel Piñeiro convened a news conference Wednesday morning to announce he was “heartbroken” and would not play for Team Puerto Rico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic after Puerto Rico’s manager, Cardinals third-base coach Jose Oquendo, informed him he was not in the projected three-man rotation. “I was […]

Rick Reilly is a hack

Rick Reilly has written one of the most spectacularly horrible columns in his long history of writing spectacularly horrible columns. This time he purports to “re-award” MVP trophies to guys who he believes weren’t taking PEDs: Step up here, Mike Piazza. The late Ken Caminiti of the San Diego Padres stole your 1996 NL MVP, […]

Dewey Defeats Truman

Remember those headlines in the AJC the other day talking about how Griffey was coming to Atlanta? Yeah, not so much: A little more than nine years to the day after he left, Ken Griffey Jr. is back with the Mariners. The Seattle P-I learned Wednesday afternoon that Griffey, after a brief flirtation with the […]

The Devil is in the details

You guys are probably sick of me railing against the Marlins’ stadium deal by now. I’ll stop railing when they stop giving me things to rail against: If the devil is indeed the details, then the devil casts an awfully long shadow in the construction agreement between Miami-Dade County and the Florida Marlins for a […]

Today at THT

Things to read while wondering if anyone has ever done the moonwalk better than Derek Jeter: Colin Wyers considers whether pitchers can but the kibosh on the old advice to “hit ‘em where they ain’t.” Brandon Isleib continues to mess with God and Nature by imagining what would have happened if the three division setup […]

A league divided: Part 5 (1982-93)

The Mets make a dynasty of it, Pete Rose is a winner, Fred McGriff is important twice, and Tom Trebelhorn is a legend. If the major leagues had featured divisions and an unbalanced schedule throughout history, here’s what might have happened.