Great Moments in Omertà

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! on the damn nigh unfathomable loyalty of one Greg Anderson: No matter what you think of Bonds, Anderson or anyone purposefully thwarting the nation’s rule of law, the level of loyalty here is something to behold. Judge Illston said last week that she can’t find a precedent “where someone was imprisoned […]

Too Low for Zero

With the way things have been going for the Nats lately, they’d kill for even mediocre play this season. Well, for at least one day this summer, mediocre playing is exactly what will be on display in Nationals’ Park. (thanks to Charles K. for the heads up)

Attendance Clauses

Darren Rovell has a piece about Ken Griffey’s new contract containing a clause that gives him a substantial bonus for an unspecfied attendance bump in Seattle this year. More interesting was the rundown of past clauses: In 1997, the St. Louis Cardinals drew 2.63 million fans. So when they signed Mark McGwire, they agreed to […]

Comment of the Day

This from Beanster, in the Alyssa Milano thead: I don’t believe the Alyssa Effect has received sufficient attention by the statistical community. I took a closer look at the data based on dating information provided by this site. While only 3 of her 26 documented relationships are major league starting pitchers, I think the results […]


This has only the vaguest of baseball connections — the oh-so-common Moneyball analogy — but I know a lot of lawyers read this blog, so I offer it up anyway: When asked whether his firm might reduce prices in light of the meltdown, Linklaters senior partner David Cheyne replied, “[Clients] might have doubts as to […]

Alyssa Milano writes

Here’s something to add to your reading list: Alyssa Milano is in love; she has been for some time. But the object of her affection isn’t the subject of tabloid gossip or an actor; in fact, it isn’t even a guy. It’s a game, a game of nine innings that uses a ball made of […]

The Lerners are incredibly cheap

The Nats’ owners could, you know, fire Jim Bowden, but instead they are standing pat and waiting for him to get arrested or something: Washington Nationals General Manager Jim Bowden said on Monday that he has done nothing wrong. The federal investigators looking into Bowden still aren’t so sure, a source familiar with the investigation […]

The latest on Manny

The L.A. Times has the latest story about a possibly imminent Manny signing. It could be true, and the reported details — two guaranteed years and a vesting third based on plate appearances — make sense. Best part, though, is this Scott Boras quote: The Dodgers open Cactus League play Wednesday; Boras previously told The […]

Take 5

Because Red Sox games don’t already go late enough: The Boston Red Sox today announced that start times for 2009 regular season games played at Fenway Park previously scheduled for 7:05 p.m. will be moved to 7:10 p.m. This time change will not affect games scheduled for other start times, including Sunday match-ups as well […]

Today at THT

Things to read while wondering if there are any news stories that the media won’t link to the bad economy these days: Josh Kalk looks at the “young guns” who could play a big role in 2009. Will they come through, or will they be shot down in a blaze of glory? Steve Treder gets […]