And That Happened

OK, that’s a bit premature. But we do have game action! Alex Rodriguez was booed, then homered in his first game since admitting he used a banned substance. The New York Yankees slugger started the spring training season with a two-run home run and two walks Wednesday at the Toronto Blue Jays’ ballpark. The third […]

New Kauffman

Lost in all of the hype over Yankee Stadium and Citi Field is the fact that, for all practical purposes, we have a new Kauffman Stadium this year as well: In the end, it was decided that there was no need for a new baseball stadium in Kansas City. Instead, Kauffman Stadium would be renovated. […]


Murray Chass misses the books: If this is too much inside baseball, I apologize, but I am too devastated and outraged to write anything else at the moment. Major League Baseball, which can’t kill steroids, has killed the Red Book and the Green Book. Baseball officials would say the books died of atrophy. No one […]

The way to San Jose

Neyer’s off-the-cuff comment about the A’s heading to Portland has spurred an interesting conversation over at BTF this morning mostly challenging Portland as a viable market. And I’ll admit: my personal preference for the A’s moving to Portland has nothing to do with a reasoned economic analysis of the situation and everything to do with […]

The Bonds Prosecution

I’ve been beating this horse for some time now, but I link to Dave Zirn’s takedown of the Bonds prosecution because (a) it’s good; and (b) no one likes to feel alone: Novitzky was given the green light by President Bush and Ashcroft to go for the jugular. In 2004, accompanied by eleven agents, he […]

No shortcuts

While he’s not as over-the-top as Rick Reilly about it, SI’s Tom Verducci likewise pretends to know who has and who hasn’t done steroids. My favorite part: He is right about the guessing game. It is laughable how people want to draw simplistic conclusions about steroids and home runs. Take Rodriguez, for instance. People want […]

Are all lies created equal?

Is the government guilty of entrapment, or something akin to it anyway, in the Miguel Tejada case? One law professor thinks so: The criminal prosecution of athletes who use steroids may or may not be a worthy enterprise. Notably, however, Miguel Tejada was not prosecuted and has not pleaded guilty to using performance-enhancing drugs. In […]


Neyer agrees that with Fremont dead, the A’s need to look at Portland. Or maybe he’s not that serious about it. Hard to tell. What is clear, however, is that Neyer has a new headshot running with his columns. And let’s be honest about this, people: we are now two generations removed from the flannel, […]

Today at THT

Things to read as you sit back and feel all smug about how you’ve put together quite a nice little catching platoon in one of your fantasy leagues: Why does John Walsh hate George Scott? That question — and everything you ever wanted to know about double plays — is answered here. Chase Utley is […]