Worse than chance

The biggest danger of the opinion writing business is the risk of tying oneself up in logical and rhetorical knots in order to justify things you wrote days, weeks, or months ago when events in real time render those opinions, well, not entirely correct. Here’s some evidence of that: Writing about Jonah Lehrer’s book on […]

Your early afternoon non-baseball post

As a central Ohioan, I’m not sure if I can brag about this or not: Guys have a reason to high-five in Columbus and two other Ohio cities, named some of the manliest places in America. A new ranking says Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo make the top 10 for manliness based on criteria such as […]

The Rites of Spring

Royce the Hack — ShysterBall’s Foreign Correspondent from the Republic of Texas and daytime next-door neighbor of the Ballpark in Arlington — has a dispatch to warm you up on this late winter’s day: The grounds crew next door is in its usual pre-opening day fever. There is an armada of those little John Deere […]

Sports Marketing and the Recession

Friend of ShysterBall Pete Toms has an article up over at the Biz of Baseball about sports marketing in the wake of Depression v2.0. It’s a comprehensive cataloging of thr furor over banks using TARP dollars — or not using TARP dollars if you deny the fungibility of money — for sports sponsorships. Read to […]

New Shea

A descriptive tour of New Shea (I, like you, partially own Citi, so if I want to abrogate their naming rights, I should feel free to do so): For those fans who hated Shea Stadium, fear not: Citi Field is nothing like its predecessor, the last bits of which lie in ruins a few hundreds […]

The WBC Begins

The WBC has begun, with Japan beating China 4-0 in the opener. For those of you who shut down the computer at 5 yesterday and didn’t see my last post of the day, here are the reasons why this is about as expansive as I’m likely to get with respect to the World Baseball Classic […]

The Lansford Family

From the Dept. of Things I Did Not Know, comes Jared Lansford, son of Carney, pitcher for the Athletics: Jared Lansford is on the A’s list to pitch today at Scottsdale against the Giants. The Giants’ hitting coach is Carney Lansford, Jared’s father. “I’ve been hearing about it the last couple of days,” Jared Lansford […]

If it hasn’t happened by now . . .

You’re not going to believe this, but: A vote on a new ballpark for the Florida Marlins is being delayed again. City of Miami spokeswoman Kelly Penton on Wednesday said commissioners are not expected to vote on a proposal to bring a 37,000-seat stadium to the city’s Little Havana neighborhood until March 19. The commissioners […]

Today at THT

I never thought I’d be one of those people, but yesterday as I was driving home from work it occurred to me that I simply can’t listen to any more bad financial news on the radio. It’s just too much and it is starting to depress me greatly. So I clicked off NPR and listened […]