The Hotel Hana

Just surfing before stepping out for the day when I came across this interesting little nugget in a travel piece about Hana, Hawaii in the San Francisco Chronicle: At the end of World War II, San Francisco industrialist Paul Fagan built the first-ever Hawaiian hotel outside Waikiki. He could hardly have chosen a more obscure […]

Rick Burleson Interview

The Angels’ blog Three Days of Cryin’ has a lengthy interview with former Red Sox and Angels shortstop Rick Burleson. I always knew who Burleson was, of course, but before this interview I really couldn’t tell you much about his career beyond the highlights and lowlights of the teams on which he played, so this […]

Brady Anderson: Interior Designer

Every retired player has to have a hobby, and it looks like Brady Anderson’s is flipping houses (last item): Brady Anderson, a former major league baseball player, has become a house designer with his re-do of a Malibu home he listed at slightly under $9 million. The 3,500-square-foot, contemporary two-story has three bedrooms, three bathrooms […]

You just knew this was coming

Ian O’Connor thinks it might be wonderful that the Yankees are going to be without the second best player in baseball for an extended period: And yet this is no cause for the mass hysteria that greeted Y2K. The team could lose its most feared and productive hitter, and yet the sky isn’t falling on […]

Crazy Talk

As I said in a comment the other day, I’ve been fighting the last war with respect to public funding for ballparks for quite a while now. Really, the time to rally against this sort of thing was a good 15-20 years ago, as the majority of teams have already gotten their taxpayer handouts. But […]

Worldwide Draft

I missed this the other day, but in light of the problems in the Dominican, the chatter about a potential worldwide draft is increasing: Recent cases of fraud and potential corruption involving the signing of baseball players in Latin America have cast new attention to the possibility of a worldwide draft in major league baseball. […]

Gettin’ ‘em when they’re young

USA Today looks at why, apart from simply being a baseball-mad country, Cuba is able to produce so much talent: “Everyone plays all positions until about age 15,” says Adelio Garcia, manager for this team of top 13- and 14-year-olds from the western Havana district of Playa. “They like kids with many skills.” “They” are […]

Today at THT

Things to read while you fume over the fact that a last minute hearing scheduled by your opponent in litigation is preventing you from being able to wear jeans to work today: Guest contributor Jon Daly looks at the major sports commissioners who walked the Earth in the 60s and 70s. You know, back when […]