Wolff on Selig

A’s owner Lew Wolff defends Bud Selig from attacks that he looked the other way on steroids: “There’s one thing I don’t think enough people realize about Bud,” Wolff said. “He knows that baseball is the players. Whether he reacted soon enough to the steroid situation or not, once he did react, it was still […]

Dinner with the Say Hey Kid

Willie Mays makes Giants’ players feel at home during spring training: When Willie Mays sits down at his customary card table in the Giants’ spring clubhouse, he immediately lets out a high-pitched yell and demands to know [Fred] Lewis’ whereabouts. The “Say Hey Kid” has found himself a surrogate godson. They go back and forth […]

The Samson Effect

Forbes’ Tom Van Riper wonders whether the razor will sap the strength of the mighty CC Sabathia: In order to join the Yankees, Sabathia will be required to shave off the beard he sported during his 2007 Cy Young Award season in Cleveland and his 2008 second-half surge in Milwaukee, when he carried the Brewers […]

Omar the Artist

This is almost a week old, but it’s new to me: Omar Vizquel’s baseball career was on decline the last few seasons in San Francisco. But life in the Bay Area rejuvenated him in other ways. “I painted a lot the three years I was there,” said Vizquel, whose artistic portraits (note: gallery includes some […]

Zirin on Bonds and the DOJ

Dave Zirin places the prosecution of Barry Bonds squarely within the policies of the Bush Administration justice department: The Justice Department wins 95 percent of the cases it brings to trial, and make no mistake: this case was about to become part of the other 5 percent. The only thing the Justice Department had in […]

The 2009 Matewan Massacre

I’m beginning my second season in a Diamondmind simulation league that Fox’s Dayn Perry runs. We had our draft on Saturday. It’s all Chicago people except for me, so the other 11 owners met up at someone’s apartment, while I joined in remotely via Google chat and a shared spreadsheet. Disadvantage: they all got to […]

“The public genius of Jeter”

The New York Times, like all papers, is suffering from serious business woes these days. Apparently one of their responses to that problem is to ape the sports coverage of the brain dead tabloids. Just look at Harvey Araton’s piece from Saturday. First he joins in with the notion that the Yankees may be better […]

Apples and Oranges

Jorge Costales and I may disagree about the Marlins Stadium deal, but unlike me, he doesn’t just sit back and lazily rely on his philosophical disposition to make his case. He actually, you know, knows what the hell he’s talking about. Great evidence of that can be found in this post from Friday, when he […]

Today at THT

Sleepy this morning because I went to the late showing of “Watchmen” last night. Loved it, of course. My only quibbles were minor ones: 1. Malin Akerman, who played Laurie/Silk Spectre II, was perfect when she kicked people’s asses and did sexy things. When she spoke, eh, kind of reminded me of Sofia Coppola in […]