Diagnosing Manny

I hadn’t heard about this, but there’s a new Manny Ramirez biography coming out today. It’s called “Becoming Manny,” and its co-author is a clinical psychologist named Jean Rhodes. Rhodes is interviewed today in the Boston Globe: Q. If you had to diagnose him, what would you say? A. Well, he has an incredible ability […]

What happens when we assume

The Marlins’ stadium plan depends greatly on certain assumptions regarding hotel tax revenue. Assumptions which may have been far more reasonable before Depression v.2.0: The financing plan for the proposed Florida Marlins stadium took a potentially severe hit in January, with a 22 percent plunge in the hotel taxes counted on to cover most of […]


Last month, investigators leaked the fact that Clemens’ DNA was found on the syringes Brian McNamee had kept under his couch or wherever. Now they’re saying that PEDs are on them too: Federal authorities investigating Roger Clemens on perjury charges have found performance-enhancing substances on the drug paraphernalia that his former trainer said he used […]

Big Unit Operating Smoothly

You can only look so far into spring training statistics, but one gets the sense that Randy Johnson is about to put up a big season: Randy Johnson wasn’t as overpowering as in his previous start (seven strikeouts, three innings), but he was just as effective in 31/3 scoreless innings in a 10-1 victory over […]

Today at THT

You know, for all of the hassle unemployment caused me recently, I am still very happy to have said good riddance to law firm life (or, more accurately, having it say goodbye to me). Why? Read this article. Not the stuff about lawyers being laid off, really. It’s about time more of that has happened […]