Comment of the Day

From our friend MooseinOhio, in the Think of the Children thread, on baseball’s ability to provide teaching moments: As a parent and uncle to children under six who are already expressing a real interest in baseball (nephew memorized Red Sox yearbook latt year) I wonder when it is appropriate to talk about the negatives of […]

The Return of Spolitical

Last year Fox’s Dayn Perry started — and then suspended — what looked to be shaping up into a must-read blog called Spolitical, which focused on the intersection of sports, politics, business, and society. The suspension was for a good reason: he owed a book to a publisher, and as I’m finding out, it’s hard […]

Won’t somebody think of the children?

There was a story on NPR last night about a man trying to reconcile his young son’s love of baseball and the steroid era. The subject, Jim Gullo, has an eight year-old son who is becoming a hardcore baseball freak, but who, at the same time, is acutely aware of Barry Bonds’ issues, the Mitchell […]

CC Starts Slow

CC Sabathia is having a rough spring: This was bound to happen. Despite the money and the expectations and the hope for perfection, there was bound to come an outing in which CC Sabathia would be wholly ineffective. Might as well come in Spring Training. Sabathia experienced his first frustrations with the Yankees on Wednesday, […]

Indians’ Camp an Isolating Experience

Bob Young of the Arizona Republic is reviewing the new Cactus League spring training complexes. Yesterday was New Dodgertown. Today it’s the Indians’ new place, where he found some unhappy folks: Their complaint wasn’t with the ballpark itself, but with the “Recreational Complex” that includes the team’s development facilities, clubhouse and practice fields. For some, […]

Mets/Willets Point

Citigroup and any other business that buys naming rights obviously wants more than their name on the building. They want the name to be used constantly as people refer to the place in conversations, on broadcasts, in directions, in news stories, and everywhere else for that matter. “I’ll meet you at Citi Field.” “We’re located […]

Today at THT

Things to read as you sort through all of the information you’ve just been given to read about the state employees retirement system and are coming to grips with the fact that you’re going to be working until the mid-to-late 2030s: Guest Peter Jensen continues his analysis of Gameday data in the interests of building […]

Piazza vs. Bench vs. Pudge

Sean Smith’s historical WAR database allows us to compare the careers of three great catchers: Mike Piazza, Johnny Bench, and Pudge Rodriguez. It’s nearly a dead-heat in career value, with Piazza’s edge in hitting countering Pudge’s edge behind the plate, and Bench’s combined talents leaving him perhaps a smidge ahead of both.