HOK gets blamed for the increasingly stale retro-park craze, but it’s what the fans and, ultimately, the clubs want. According to this article in Fast Company, however, it, and other architectural firms, are doing different things elsewhere: Ever since Camden Yards opened in Baltimore in 1992, new stadiums have chased nostalgia. “Teams want to rebirth […]

Great Moments in Expectation-Lowering

Originally, the Cardinals had planned on having an elaborate “Ballpark Village” built around their new stadium, complete with office, retail, residential, and restaurant space. A grand plan indeed, and one that no doubt aided their effort in obtaining financing for their new stadium. The thing to remember about such plans, however, is that they can […]

“I drank what?”

Those of you who went to law school are familiar with the Socratic Method. A professor calls on a student, often at random, and starts asking, as opposed to lecturing, about a holding in a given case. Questions start broad and seemingly neutral, but then the questions get more pointed, with the professor increasingly challenging […]

Reading the Angles

Ken Griffey will probably DH in Seattle, but he’ll no doubt see some time in left field too. As this wire report notes, that will be a novel thing for him, inasmuch as he has played almost exclusively in center and right over the course of his career. I found Griffey’s comments on that interesting: […]

Great Moments in Incentives

I never smoked, but I had a lot of friends who did back in high school, and the greatest thing about it was Camel Cash. Little currency-like coupons with Joe Camel’s face on them that, when collected in great numbers, entitled underage smokers everywhere to exchange them for beach towels and cassette players, and squeezy […]


The Dodgers are close to signing Pedro Martinez. No, the Astros are close to signing Pedro Martinez. No, I’m sorry, the Astros are not close to signing Pedro Martinez. Hey, I love rumors as much as the next guy, but sometimes maybe it’s best to wait for the news to actually happen before reporting it.

Today at THT

Things to read while thanking heaven above that you weren’t jailed for contempt of court yesterday afternoon: Sal Baxamusa has five questions about the A’s. Question number six: if they go to San Jose, will they still consider my idea to rename themselves the “East Bay A’s,” despite the fact that it won’t really be […]