Oil Can to Ottawa?

The Voyageurs of the Can-Am league may be adding a veteran to their staff: Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd, who has been known to say a lot, once said that he wanted to be “playing baseball at age 50 — if not professionally, for a semi-pro or local team.” Boyd thinks he was 10 years old […]

Schilling vs. Mussina

In the wake of #38′s retirement, Jason compares the Hall of Fame candidacies of Mike Mussina and Curt Schilling. I haven’t analyzed it — mostly because I have close to zero in the way of analysis skills — but I tend to think that they’re both Hall-worthy, with Schilling being the better player overall. His […]

George Kell 1922-2009

Hall of Fame third baseman, ten time All-Star, and 1949 batting champ George Kell has died. I knew him best as the play-by-play guy for Tigers’ games on WDIV in the 70s and 80s. He was paired with Al Kaline in those days, which made a rare double Hall-of-Fame broadcast combo. Kaline’s unsure commentary made […]

Mmmm . . . Fritolicious

Darren Rovell has discovered the best/worst thing you’re going to think about ordering but won’t at a ballpark this year: But the West Michigan Whitecaps have our eye this year with this — believed to be the single most caloric item ever offered at a ballpark. Here are the important details on this absolute gutbuster. […]

Honey > Vinegar

The Merc’s Ann Killion notes the bad timing of Lew Wolff’s anti-Oakland campaign, and reminds us what happened the last time a Bay Area owner trashed his hometown in the runup to the baseball season: Almost two decades ago, Giants owner Bob Lurie originated the “I hate my ballpark and you should too,” public relations […]

Fourteen Ballparks and Counting

Russ Smith’s “Seventeen Ballparks and Counting” post inspired me, so today I run with my own version: Fourteen Ballparks and Counting. These aren’t comprehensive reviews or anything. Just stories and impressions of my limited travels around baseball. Bear with me: real baseball starts soon and then this kind of filler will fall off when it […]

Shameless Self-Promotion

Alex Remington at the most excellent Braves blog Chop-n-Change interviewed yours truly recently, the results of which can be found here. Lots of Braves talk, a little blog talk, and I think I finally came up with a good answer for the “what would you do if you were commissioner for a day” question.

A wicked googly

I don’t see a lot of west coast baseball, so a guy like Pablo Sandoval really wasn’t on my radar much before this offseason when, as is often the case, I first started hearing more about him from fantasy previews and things like that. The book on him, it seems, is that he’ll just swing […]

Marlins are Go

And the second hurdle is cleared: A home, at last, for the Marlins. Miami-Dade County commissioners on Monday put to rest more than a decade quest by voting in favor of a roofed ballpark for the Marlins on the Orange Bowl grounds. Commissioners cast two separate votes; the first came back 9-4, and the second […]

Thumbs up for the MLB Network

At least according to advertisers and the people who care about them: IT is rare that media buyers form a consensus on anything, but in the case of the neophyte Major League Baseball Network, which had its premiere in January, they seem to agree that they like its chances of becoming a successful player in […]

Today at THT

Things to read as you wonder whether your kids would be in a constant state of contracting and/or getting over colds from October through April if you didn’t live in the Midwest: Sean Smith has five questions about the Los Angeles Angels. Question number six: Is this cleared up yet? Josh Kalk looks at some […]