Eri Yoshida is Go!

Remember the Japanese schoolgirl (hello search engine-driven hits!) who got drafted to pitch in that independent league? She has made her debut: Japan’s first female professional baseball player made her debut Friday, striking out one batter in the ninth inning. Eri Yoshida, a 17-year-old who throws a sidearm knuckleball, took the mound during Kobe 9 […]

On Jeter

Allen Barra lays the lumber to Derek Jeter: This will be Jeter’s 14th season (not counting 1995, when he only played 15 games), and judging from the blogs and radio call-in shows, Yankee fans are assuming that he is a walking Hall of Famer, but I don’t necessarily think that’s true. If he pulled a […]

Wieters Sent Down

I felt a great disturbance in the fantasy baseball Force, as if millions of Matt Wieters owners cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced: The Orioles told top prospect Matt Wieters on Thursday that he will be reassigned to the Triple-A Norfolk roster effective Monday. Manager Dave Trembley met with Wieters after Thursday’s exhibition […]

Cheap Eats

The Reds are going with a dollar menu at Great American Ballpark this year: It might seem just like a fast-food restaurant when you walk into Great American Ball Park for a Reds game this season. The Cincinnati Reds’ concessionaire is launching a value menu, offering a few food and drink items for a dollar. […]

Programming Note

Today at THT will run later today (maybe). I got a late start this morning — I blame the cold medicine — and can’t devote the time to it I’ll need to. The line for complaints forms on the left. I’ll be on the right. Regular blogging will resume on its usual schedule. The line […]