Quote of the Day

I lied, THIS is my last post. Rob Neyer suckers you with that polite Midwestern charm of his, but he’s capable of firing missles when he feels the need: One of baseball’s dirty little secrets is that umpiring is not that hard. Oh, it would be exceptionally difficult for you or me or your mailman. […]

“Just Wanking”

There’s a fun, albeit somewhat uncomfortable conversation going on among some political blogs I read, and it’s about how much blogging is too much. It started with this: I’m privileged to have a job that I really enjoy. But at the same time, I would prefer to write somewhat less—this pace is stressful and doesn’t […]

One Less Dying Quail

Courtesy of Buster, two of the more unlikely guys in the game are about to break camp with their big clubs. First in Milwaukee: After toiling 11 years in the minors before finally getting his chance to pitch in the big leagues, Mark DiFelice isn’t about to start taking things for granted. “I’ll believe I’ve […]

Porcello in, Robertson out?

The Tigers have handed the fifth starter’s job to Rick Porcello: The Tigers told rookie right-handed pitcher Rick Porcello on Wednesday that he has earned a spot in the starting rotation. The news follows an impressive outing Tuesday by Porcello, 20, who allowed two hits over five innings in a 7-2 loss to Washington. By […]

Great Moments in Energy Conservation

I like the way Aubrey Huff thinks: Huff did very little over the winter to get ready for the 2009 season, but that wasn’t necessarily because he was tending to [his newborn] Jayce. Actually, Huff was following an offseason regimen he stumbled upon a year ago after undergoing surgery to repair a sports hernia. “Last […]

Goodbye QuesTec . . .

. . . hello Zone Evaluation: Major League Baseball had been using QuesTec since 2001 to try to standardize the functional size of the strike zone, which often varies from umpire to umpire, despite the rulebook definition. But QuesTec cameras were installed in only about a third of major league stadiums, raising the suspicion among […]

The Italian Dusty Baker

Ron Rollins — writer of the most excellent Baseball Over Here — has found a whale of a pitching line from the Italian leagues. Even better: a Melvin Mora sighting! UPDATE: OK, that may not be Melvin Mora. At least unless he has rented a decommissioned Concorde jet and is moonlighting. My guess: Marco Mora. […]

Jose Canseco is not reliable

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse for Jose Canseco, they do: The Golden Baseball League (GBL) announced today that the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles has officially rendered a judgment in favor of the Golden Baseball League and the Long Beach Armada in their lawsuit […]

Don’t mess with Karma

The Phillies are said to be interested in Gary Sheffield and/or Andruw Jones. Signing either of those guys would likely require the release of postseason hero Matt Stairs. Which is something you only do if the player coming in actually has a good shot at bringing something more to the table. Signing Sheffield (bad shoulder, […]

Today at THT

You know it’s getting down to the wire when the THT editors are racing to jam in as many team previews as we have today. Mmmmm . . . regular seasonlicious . . . Lisa Gray has five questions for the Houston Astros. Question number six: What’s the over/under on the number of days until […]