Knuckleballers: 1, Earthlings: 0

Purveyors of the knuckly arts are, above all else, survivors: Scott Baker’s Opening Night assignment has been called off. And so has the Philip Humber-R.A. Dickey roster competition. The right-hander was placed on the disabled list today after he experienced some stiffness in his right shoulder while pitching against Class AAA Norfolk on Wednesday. Baker […]

Pitch Count Porn

Last year the San Francisco Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins ran a two-part piece in which he argued that teams should put more thought into their pitch counts, developing evaluation systems and protocols to determine when a pitcher is truly getting tired rather than simply impose a hard number of pitches on everyone. That’s actually a pretty […]

The New A’s Ballpark

With the recent escalation in A’s relocation/ballpark news, it’s important to remember that generalists like me are dilettantes at best. Any time there’s an issue of any complexity, the blogosphere produces a focused star to really jam on it, and the star with respect to the A’s relocation drama is the New A’s Ballpark blog, […]

Follow the Money

We’ve gone over this about 1,378 times already, but guys like Wallace Matthews insist on saying that Joba Chamberlain would be more valuable in the bullpen than he would be in the rotation. Thankfully, Jason takes him to task, once again deploying the principle behind the name of his blog to good effect: With all […]

The New Parks

The New York Times has an overview of the retro-stadium craze of the past couple of decades, with particular attention paid to some of the parks’ unique particularities: The quirky signatures at older stadiums — like the Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston — were adaptations to their narrow confines. But idiosyncrasies like Tal’s […]

Player Merch

This is different: The Major League Baseball Players Association on Friday will open its first retail outlet devoted to selling player-only merchandise. The store, which will be inside Citi Field and be operated by Aramark, is an attempt to boost licensing revenue for the union and to promote star players, much as the N.B.A. and […]

Today at THT

Some final things to read to take your mind off the fact that your yacht is being seized: First, some THT news in the form of new downloadable subscriptions now being offered for HEATER Magazine, the Batted Ball Report, the Bill James Daily Matchups and the THT Annual. Many details in the post, so please […]