The story behind MLB ditching Silverlight

Here’s a story about the reasons why MLBAM ditched Microsoft Silverlight as the streaming video platform for Lots of technical stuff if you care, but this passage interested me the most: The other major issue was that baseball considered Silverlight too unstable. There were some high-profile glitches, including last year’s opening day, which saw […]

Women’s Olympic Baseball

That’s what we’ll have if the International Baseball Federation gets its way: Baseball will be adding a women’s component to its bid to be reinstated for the 2016 Summer Games. Harvey Schiller, the president of the International Baseball Federation, tells The Associated Press the change will be made in the next few days. The move […]

The Official Blog Post of the New York Yankees!

Well, maybe it’s not official yet, but they and the Mets have an official just about everything else: Official Automobile Classified Company: Official Supermarket Retailer: Stop & Shop Official Rail Fare: Amtrak Official Non-Dairy Creamer: Nestlé Coffee-Mate Official Deli Meat: Boar’s Head Official Pudding: Kozy Shack Official Non-Kosher Hot Dog & French Fry: Nathan’s […]

More on Morgan

I took a shot at Joe Morgan in ATH this morning, and it has led to a lively discussion in the comments. Because I don’t want to simply be that guy who tees off on Joe Morgan simply because he’s Joe Morgan, however, I figured I should elbaorate a bit on what irked me. I […]

Assessing Petco

Petco Park opened five years ago, and today the Union-Tribune takes stock: Five years after the first Padres curveball was thrown at Petco Park, San Diego’s investment in the $474 million ballpark has delivered mixed results. On a recent afternoon, the good and the marginal returns were on display. Along J Street, where the ballpark […]

Meaningless Predictions

I’m not a huge fan of writing big predictions pieces. It just seems to daunting, by the time my thoughts have crystalized about what might happen in the upcoming season, everyone has already written theirs, and the season has started. Oh, and I’m always wrong too. Other than that, they’re great. That said, when someone […]

Today at THT

Things to read while you contemplate snow-outs in Chicago: The THT staff has its predictions up. I am the sole person who has the Rangers winning the division. No, I’m not sure why either. Just feels right. Chris Jaffe runs down times when baseball history and real life history coincided. Not as good as the […]

River Ave. Blues Pledge Drive

The guys at River Ave. Blues have a pledge drive going to benefit the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation: Last year we decided to use the popularity of RAB for some good, creating a pledge drive dedicated to raising money for The Jorge Posada Foundation. We based the pledges on the number of strikeouts […]

Baseball as metaphor for . . . something

A very long piece in Vanity Fair in which a writer, who comes right out and admits that he doesn’t care a lick for baseball, spends time in spring training trying to figure out if baseball will save America’s psyches from the economic doldrums or something. I found it frustrating for a hundred reasons, yet […]

Will Success spoil Josh Wilker?

Anyone who’s been around here any length of time is well-aware of my man crush on Josh Wilker and Cardboard Gods. I think he’s the best writer going in and around the world of baseball. That’s not a qualification; just an acknowledgment that he’s often not writing about baseball directly. Point is his stuff is […]

And That Happened

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter, Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here . . . Braves 4, Phillies 1: Last year the Braves traveled to a division rival’s home park for the Sunday night opener and it didn’t go so well. Last night there were no complaints at […]