The Last Man to 300?

Will it be Randy Johnson? Given that they said that Glavine would be the last one before him and Maddux would be the last one before him and Clemens would be the last one before him, color me dubious, even if there’s yet another article claiming that the species is about to become extinct. Yes, […]

Rain and Remembrance

It’s raining like crazy in San Francisco right now, less than three hours before the Giants and Brewers open their season. If it gets rained out, Henry Schulman says they’ll play two tomorrow, because Milwaukee won’t make another trip to the Bay this season. That led Schulman to recall the last time the Giants opened […]

Today at THT

Things to watch while you wait for Jamie Moyer’s “fastball” to cross home plate in tonight’s game. Steve Treder has part four of his series on the Pirates under Branch Rickey. I find it interesting that Rickey had some of his personnel problems (like Tony Bartirome at first base) solved by the U.S. Army. I’m […]

The Sims

If you’re a reader of this blog this kind of thing is not news to you, but it’s interesting all the same: “Computer simulations work pretty well in baseball for two reasons,” said Carl Morris, a professor of statistics at Harvard University who has written several papers that commingled baseball and formal statistical theory. “In […]

Curtis Granderson to Yahoo!

If he’s going to keep up with the blogging, I’m going to have to start considering him competition and have him kicked off my fantasy team (from a press release): All-Star Detroit Tigers centerfielder Curtis Granderson has signed with Yahoo! Sports MLB blog “Big League Stew” to be a featured blogger for the 2009 baseball […]

The Baseball Chronicle is Go

A couple of months ago I told you about the new web venture from Phil Bencomo, the fellow who used to write Cub Town for the now decommissioned Baseball Toaster. It’s called The Baseball Chronicle, which is in the business of publishing themed stories, essays, interviews or reporting about baseball. Well, it’s live now, with […]

And That Happened

Mets 2, Reds 1: Those of you who followed ATH last season will recall that I don’t have the Extra Innings package and I don’t watch 15 games a night. On a good night I watch parts of two games, on an average night I watch most of one, and some nights I don’t get […]