My kind of lawmaker!

For all I know, Missouri legislator Jason Crowell is a member of the Whig party, is opposed to women’s suffrage, and thinks we should declare war on Imperial Spain, but from what I do know of him, I like the cut of his jib: A Missouri lawmaker is threatening to put an end to plans […]

Catching up with Todd Stottlemyre

Two of the more annoying things to come down the pike in the past decade — day traders and Twitter — are now working together, backed in part by a former Major Leaguer: Launched in October, has 30,000 registered users, following stock commentary from 1,000 people who “tweet” every day for the site. They […]

Today at THT

Stuff to read while you still reel at the fact that armed federal agents came to your house this morning asking if you know where the guy who used to live next door to you is: Joe Distelheim reviews a new Cubs’ book called “Cubs by the Numbers.” Does he like it? “A qualified yes, […]

MLB’s “Fan Loyalty” faltering

Newsday’s John Jeansonne reports the results of some consumer research which suggests that baseball’s popularity is eroding compared to the other major sports: It’s not just the stupid economy. (Although the Yankees’ 76.3-percent jump in average ticket price amid our Great Recession could have its unpleasant consequences this season.) Major League Baseball, according to the […]

On ballpark architecture

I’ve made a couple of recent comments about how I wish that, after nearly 20 years of nostalgia-based ballpark design, the architects in charge of the few remaining big league projects would be a bit more adventurous. I don’t need the Wexner Center or Beijing National Stadium, but a little something to stir the imagination […]

More complaints

I’ve been passing along others’ dissatisfaction with for the past couple of days. My guess: things will be running smoother with live broadcasts soon simply because fewer people will be logging on at once now that the Opening Day hype is over and the season is underway. That does not explain the archiving problem […]

Great Lineup in Camden Yards

Things that make you wonder why the Orioles’ attendance has dropped in recent years: Went to Camden Yards on opening day, and –imagine this–drank beer. I was not alone. Went to my usual spot, the Maryland microbrew stand on Eutaw Street, for a 16-ounce draft. Among the four beers on draft there was a Heineken. […]


Neyer has broken the chains of ESPN’s generic blogging protocols and has launched “SweetSpot,” complete with new URL, easier hyperlinking and greater all-around bloggy functionality. Things should stay pretty much the same content-wise — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — but word on the street has it that he’ll have something less than […]

And That Happened

Giants 10, Brewers 6: Hero-pilot Chesley Sullenberger threw out the first pitch. He had the best stuff out of anyone at AT&T Park yesterday, however, as Tim Lincecum became the third out of the last four Cy Young award winners — following Cliff Lee yesterday and CC Sabathia last year — to get rocked the […]