Comment of the Day

It didn’t come here, but I’m off the clock at NBC and it’s the kind of thing that sparks good discussions on ShysterBall. In response to my post criticizing baseball for making all players wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson day, reader Web-Gem had this to say: This is not a “tribute”, this is MLB’s […]

$5 million in photos

They didn’t cut corners anywhere else on Yankee Stadium, so why start with the artwork? Art broker Tracie Speca has been working 16-hour days for the past six weeks to install 1,300 vintage photographs worth a total of at least $5 million in the stadium’s clubs, hallways and restaurants. Ms. Speca saved whimsical images for […]

Triples go to die in Dodger Stadium

Ex-baseball blogger, noted presidential historian, world class librarian, vehement Cleveland-hater, and longtime ShysterBall reader Bob Timmerman left a comment in ATH this morning about Orlando Hudson hitting for the cycle: You forget that Dodgers fans had almost been like the Jews in the desert traveling to the Promised Land with the cycle. It had been […]

Lobbying for the All-Star Game

I don’t know much about what goes into deciding where All-Star games are held, but I can’t recall the process being subject to intense, Olympic-style lobbying, can you? The Reds are pursuing an All-Star date for 2013, Karen Forgus, the club’s senior vice president of business operations, said on Monday. “We’re pushing hard on it,” […]

Catching up with Gene Garber

I used to pretend to be Gene Garber when I played little league, figuring that if I couldn’t throw the ball very fast, the least I could do was to be deceptive. Unfortunately, my coaches were less impressed with my deception than they were with my velocity, so I continued to catch a little and […]

My Morning in Exile

Sorry it’s been dead today, but work and other stuff has taken much of the wind out of my sails. In the meantime, for your edification and enjoyment, here are the five NBC posts I did this morning: My first impressions of Citi Field. Given that I saw it from the same perspective most of […]

And That Happened

Padres 6, Mets 5: I watched this one, as did many of you I’m sure. Allowing the winning run on a three-base error followed by a balk ain’t exactly starting things off in the new park with a bang, is it? I gotta say, though, I love the fact that those guys in the restaurant […]