Glavine will likely retire

Mark Bowman believes that Tom Glavine will retire within the next couple of weeks: Tom Glavine says that he’ll wait at least two weeks before determining if he’ll ever pitch again. But as he spoke yesterday afternoon, it was hard to ignore the belief that he seemingly already knows his fate . . . . […]

Catching up with Dave Dravecky

Here’s an article catching up with former Giant Dave Dravecky. I don’t subscribe to the religious views he does and I have about three hours worth of rants about the motivational speaking circuit in which he now earns his living, but none of that really matters. What matters is that when I was 16 I […]

Happy Birthday Alex C!

No, not Alex Cole, the man for whom the Indians famously moved the fences back in 1990, it’s Alexander Cartwright’s birthday today. Given that he’s 189 years-old, however, the celebration will remain low key. For those unfamiliar, a Wiki-overview of why all of the banks and government offices are closed today: Cartwright was a bookseller […]

My Morning in Exile

The suits are still trying to figure out if my stuff belongs on the Red Network or the Blue Network. And they still won’t let me begin my posts with a second inversion C Major triad. The Marlins are on the march! Yankee Stadium: Meh. Can the Blue Jays keep it up? Why is everyone […]

And That Happened

Indians 10, Yankees 2: I missed it live, but thankfully STO shows Indians day game replays in the evening. Having known the outcome in advance, I could focus on other things. Mostly I was fixated on the view of the primo seats just to the third base side of home that were visible during every […]