Bring it

MLBAM is launching its own online, opinion-based “tabloid” in May: MLB Advanced Media will formally announce today that in May it will debut what’s meant to be a online baseball newspaper featuring columnists, including NBC/MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann . . . . . . Bowman says the as-yet unnamed site will try to offer “a newspaper […]

Great Moments in Self Promotion

Those of you who have been dying to put a nasally voice together with my bald, doughy visage and my obtuse written opinions are in for a treat. I’m going to be on BlogTalkRadio this afternoon at 1:35ish. It should be on the “GetSports” show which can be found at that link. If there’s a […]

My Morning in Exile

I didn’t sleep so well last night, so I’m not quite as proud as a peacock today. Maybe proud as a bright cardinal. A pheasant at most: Miguel Cabrera isn’t going anywhere, but it might be fun to imagine he is. The Giants and the Diamondbacks are doing a good job marketing to ethnic minorities. […]

Eternal Skyboxes

Look, when I die, there’s just one kind of favor I’ll ask of you: you can see that my grave is kept clean. Other people require more complicated things: Two years ago, when Dennis Mascari went to visit his father at a cemetery, he came up with an idea: Build an area for deceased Cubs […]

And That Happened

Indians 8, Royals 7: Sidney Ponson does pretty much what you’d expect him to, and that’s get blown up (3.1 IP, 8 H, 6 ER, 4 BB). And you can tell his attitude is just as good as ever. I watched this game, and as soon as he gave up the homer to Sizemore, he […]