Hurdle is Gone

The announcement will come approximately one minute after the time this is posted: Clint Hurdle’s seven-year run as the Rockies’ manager will end today, according to a major-league source. With an off day to discuss the situation, the Rockies are poised to make a change given that their poor start has begun to affect attendance […]

Man Cave

Let’s see, if I really want to force Mrs. Shyster to file for divorce, I order the Extra Innings package, then go on the road trip, and just before I leave I give the DIY Network people the key to my basement door . . . This seemed inevitable: The first officially licensed league “man […]

Take THAT Jason!

The”Yay Jason” comment thread was getting worn out anyway . . . Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he doesn’t think suspended outfielder Manny Ramirez should be an All-Star this year, even though fans have him fourth in voting at the position. “No, I don’t, and if you ask Manny, he’d give you the same answer,” […]

Baseball in Hollywood

Benjamin Edwards at has an enjoyable and seemingly comprehensive article up chronicling the history of baseball movies. The ones that we always talk about — “Bull Durham,” “Major League,” “The Natural,” and “Eight Men Out” are clustered at the bottom. You’re going to want to read this for the vast majority of films discussed […]

Subjective vs. Objective

History will one day almost certainly show that Bobby Cox was a superior manager to Joe Girardi, but from where Mark Teixeira is sitting, that simply isn’t the case: The good thing about Joe is that he is consistent. He expects a lot out of us but you look at him and you can’t tell […]

My Morning in Exile

Given the dearth of interesting stuff to write about so far today, I can only assume that baseball writers followed most of baseball’s lead and took yesterday off. After I grab some lunch I’ll start digging, however. I’m sure we’ll find some fun stuff to talk about yet today. For now: Francoeur: is he worth […]

Obama Bobbleheads

You’d think they’d make these in the U.S.A., no? President Obama bobbleheads planned for a give-away at a minor-league baseball game on Saturday apparently have not gotten approval from customs officials. The West Virginia Power Class A baseball team said that 1,000 of the figures, produced overseas, had been held up at a Customs and […]

And That Happened

Red Sox 3, Twins 1: Varitek homers twice and gets run for getting up in the ump’s face arguing balls and strikes. I can’t criticize him; I like to go home early on days on which I get a lot done too. Mike Redmond, Terry Francona and Ron Gardenhire were also ejected, and I picture […]

Keith Law up for Auction

As of 4:15pm today, it will cost you $441 to get in on this action: If you think you’ve got an eye for baseball, then this package is for you! Accompany’s Keith Law to a minor league baseball game and learn how scouts watch and analyze players. Learn how to detect flaws and strengths […]

Great Graphics

Click this link to look at the little graphic uses to represent interleague play. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Battling eagles. It looks like something you’d expect to see on the Daily Show or at the Onion or something.

Quote of the Day

Terry Francona on the Metrodome in which, barring a Boston-Minnesota playoff series, the Red Sox will never play again: “I have a lot of respect for the Twins — I always have — because I love the way they play the game, I really do. [But] I think this place stinks. This ballpark stinks. Balls […]

Milton Bradley is NOT getting boned

Last week I suggested that someone who know something about Pitchf/x to analyze Milton Bradley’s claims that he’s being squeezed. Dave Allen stepped up and knocked it out of the park. Thanks, Dave. You rock. I’m a Pitchf/x moron, but it strikes me that while its highest and best use is probably inside a baseball’s […]

The Ultimate Road Trip

My NBC colleague Bob Harkins has a long piece up about folks who do the 30 ballparks in one season thing. Lots of good anecdotes in there, a great interactive map, and a good overview of the logistical hurdles such a trip presents. The biggest hurdles for the ultimate road trip, however, could be personal […]