Sotamayor for Supreme Court!

I’m told that some of you people actually follow non-baseball news. Not sure why you’d do that, but I guess it takes all kinds. Anyway, for those that care, among the names on President Obama’s short list to fill Justice Souter’s seat on the Supreme Court is Judge Sonia Sotomayor of the United States Court […]

File under “Interesting”

Selena Roberts’ allegations about A-Rod tipping pitches to the opposition hinge on the observations of his Ranger teammates. Interesting to note, however, that two of Alex Rodriguez’s teammates with the Rangers are calling the allegations “ridiculous” and “b.s.“: Michael Young played just the other side of second from Alex Rodriguez, so he’d probably notice any […]

Huntington Park is a hit

Sorry it’s been so slow today. Lots of workin’ for The Man. Anyway: Ballpark Digest loves my hometown’s new ballpark. And I mean really, really loves it: With this stunning new facility, the Clippers have come close: Combining a strong sense of place with the latest in ballpark features and an outstanding site, the creators […]

My Morning in Exile

I’ve been happy writing for the NBC blog, but I’m reaching the point where my own principles are at risk of being sacrificed. It was 16 years ago that I vowed to one day track, hunt down, and, well, if not kill, seriously bother the person responsible for cancelling “Quantum Leap.” I should be using […]

And That Happened

Marlins 6, Cubs 2: One wonders if the Cubs did much due diligence on Aaron Heilman prior to bringing him onboard. I mean, I watch a lot of baseball, so I certainly knew from Mets games of the past couple of years that he was not to be trusted in tight spots like extra innings, […]