The Smells of Fenway

Fenway Park, rendered in descriptions of smells: The road to the Fenway Park is paved with aromas, in turn nostalgic, exciting, delicious and horrendous. To get the real fan experience, you first need to take in the musty stench of the Kenmore T stop and the fumes that rise from cars and trucks trolling the […]

The Serpentor of Baseball

Sometimes I worry that I rely a bit too much on cheap pop culture references for laughs, but then I always find someone who does it more than me. Like this guy, who goes farther than I thought he would in using a G.I. Joe/Serpentor analogy to write a column about television executives. Not that […]

High schoolers and bench pressing

I haven’t learned a thing about weight lifting since they stopped running Charles Atlas ads in the back of comic books so I’m way out of my league when it comes to the plausibility of A-Rod’s bench pressing exploits as described in Selena Roberts’ new book. Shawn Hoffman at Squawking Baseball knows his way around […]

“This is beyond baseball” gets the thumbs down

Russ Smith of Splice Today takes issue with MLB’s “Beyond Baseball” ads: If you follow games on ESPN, Fox, TBS, or any number of local broadcasts, there’s a ubiquitous television commercial, a branding spot for MLB, alternately featuring Ryan Howard and Tim Lincecum, that flirts with vulgarity. The advertisement featuring the Phillies’ slugger is […]

My Morning in Exile

I’ve been asked why I don’t use Twitter. There are several reasons, but most of them can be traced back to the fact that I’m a late adopter of just about everything. Which, in the case of Twitter, might very well end up saving me a lot of hassle in the long run. Or maybe […]

Get a barber you have known . . .

Cliff Lee doesn’t have a lot of answers for how it’s gone for him so far this year, so it’s nice that Paul Hoynes of the Plain Dealer is helping him out: What about a buzz cut? Maybe Cliff Lee’s fourth loss of the season Sunday had something to do with his haircut Saturday. Before […]

The Red Sox lose a valuable player

The success of the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group has not gone unnoticed by other organizations, and that includes organizations in others sports: Boston Red Sox executive Michael Dee has been hired as chief executive officer of the Miami Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium. Dee will oversee business development of the team and stadium, the […]

And That Happened

Reds 5, Pirates 0: Johnny Cueto is en fuego. His last three starts: 22 IP, 17 K, 2 BB and 1 run allowed, having shut out the Pirates over eight innings yesterday. The Pirates have been shut out in three of their last four games. Dodgers 7, Padres 3: How many of the teams who […]