Great Moments in Scouts’ Notes

For all of the things I’ve written, reading the A-Rod book is not without its enjoyable moments. I may later assemble some random ones in a post, but I want to share this one while it’s fresh. From the field notes of Mariners’ scout Roger Jongewaard after surveying Alex Rodriguez, high school senior: Premium prospect […]

Wall Street vs. the Minors

Pete Toms sends along a story about a Princeton pitcher poised to go in the second or third round of the draft. He’s a business student, and there’s a discussion about his choices: Hale, a 21-year-old junior from Marietta, Georgia, majoring in operations research and financial engineering, said he’s already decided that he’d rather play […]

Quote of the Day

Via Whitlock, who continues to lay waste to Selena Roberts, comes a quote from Roberts herself from last night’s Jim Rome show which pretty much explains why I’ve been writing what I’ve been writing since last Thursday: “You give people a litmus test, Jim . . . You say to them, you go back to […]

Zack Greinke: Tabula Rasa

My NBC colleague Mike Celizic on Zack Greinke, in a column entitled “Finally, baseball gives us as hero to admire“: Finally, baseball has a fresh young superstar nobody can throw so much as a pebble at, a kid who is the perfect antidote for Manny B. Manny and A-Fraud and everything else that drives you […]

The Brewers’ Logo

One of the cool things about baseball is that despite how small our world has become, how nationalized, standardized, commoditized and sanitized everything insists on being, there are still healthy pockets of localization. Things teams do and things that fans think that don’t instantly make the mainstream. It’s far less prevalent than it used to […]

My Morning in Exile

Apologies once again for the lack of ATH this morning. I hate not getting to it. Barring power outages, catastrophes, and/or restraining orders from Selena Roberts’ publishers, it’ll be back in the morning. As for now: The Dodgers may be running away with this bad boy. The Yankees don’t need to “get tough.” They need […]

It happened, but I missed it

Longtime readers know that, from time to time, I have to give ATH a miss during the season. Usually it happens when various strains of B.S. infect my life the night before, which was the case last night. Apologies, but such is life when you’re essentially moonlighting. Regular blogging will resume later this morning.