That damn MSM!

This is pretty much the perfect link on which to end a week like the one we’ve just lived through. I may have a post or two tonight on NBC, but as soon as those go live, I’m going to sleep and I’m not waking up until Monday morning. Have a good weekend everyone.

Quote of the Day

“Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant Thursday evening to you, wherever you may be. The Dodgers and the city of Los Angeles and all of California and for that matter, all of baseball, still shocked and stunned over the suspension of Manny Ramirez. We’ll have more to say about that a little bit later on […]

And That Happened

A slightly superficial edition this morning, as I was working on another writing project last night. I’m so lazy about this that I’m not even going to link up the box scores, so if you want them, go here. Apologies, but I’m freakin’ tired, dudes: Nationals 11, Dodgers 9: I’m guessing at this point that […]